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"Gwyneth Paltrow's Confederate Flag Children's Theme Party at Barney's"- Super Amanda's Worst of the Internet 2009

The Worst Websites online

isawyournanny aka I Saw Your Nanny - Report Bad Nannies Here, NOW

I Saw Your Nanny Blogger

1.Racist, catty and sexless, shrews express their veiled hatred of childcare providers while hiding pathetically behind the internet like faceless cowards. As they post cell phone pictures and circumstantial evidence of what they perceive to be "terrible child care providers" they provide zero solutions or individual responsibility to stop why there may be a childcare/day care /autism crisis in the first place. Their issue is not how it could be ameliorated but how more hatred can be encouraged and stirred up as much as possible from fellow parents who hate themselves. Actual nannies of dubious self esteem will occasionally make appearances to ask the gallery of harpies for advice or vent to the enemy. Classism is this website's Vaseline.


Yes, white supremacists, Confederacy kooks and Neo-Nazi actually rate one below the nanny bashers? Why? Because I believe in freedom of speech however abhorrent and this is about as foul it gets. Proving that racial extremism explodes during economic down turns and that there is, as of yet, no real community of anti-racist European pride online. The site has idiot after idiot blaming every single thing that ever went wrong in the world on another race and then claiming every single great civilization and invention in the history of the world that ever flourished was 100% white and Non-Jewish. Many claim both music's origins have nothing to do with RnB or African beats as well. Galleries of "Aryan Beauties" are posted with the occasional accidental pic of a famous beautiful woman who "isn't quite as 'white' as they thought she was" until its pointed out by a fellow raving psycho. A disgusting occurrence to witness as even beauty is hated upon and marginalized by these masturbatory twits. Better they sit at the computer though than walk the streets. Stormfrontm, a site of historical fiction, denial of individual responsibility, bogus Science and of primitive unhappiness and blame.


The all time worst celebrity website currently active and the least funny-intentionally or otherwise. After becoming Madonna's fawning lap dog of relentless narcissism and self-centeredness, Gwyneth Paltrow has become one of the most boring, sexless and transparent jet-set figures to ever wield a black American Express card in the public's face. The website is a repository for her idea of how to spend money and the results are about as exciting and diverse as George Will's sock drawer. Does Paltrow really believe that during one of the worst recessions in the past 100 years, that people want to know how to pair a trenchcoat from Top Shop with a 495quid dress from Burberry ? Or a horizontal stripe pullover that hits mid hip (universally unflattering even on the slightest of frames) paired with 475$ distressed jeans?

For "kid friendly restaurants" in London, Paltrow has never ventured out of the W postcode's assortment of very high end eateries, so how kid friendly can they really be? Her list of places to take your children out in the states are out of some Ivana Trump wedding planner fantasy.
Here is her idea of a place to take the kids for ice cream:
  • Sweetie Pie

  • What about the children living in motels or caravans because their parents lost everything? What about the credit crunch? What about that awful personal trainer of her's who looks like an Oompa Loompa on steroids? It is truly sick to push it into everyone's face that this is how much she HAS. Very poor taste to gush on and on about one's own delicious, pampered life but even worse when it is not even an enviable and fun looking life.

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    Blogger par.nordstrom said...

    Happy to see my opinion of Paltrow shared by at least ONE more person . It can be no mere coincidence , dat ´Paltrow ´ sounds so uncannily like ´paltry ´... & dis Paltry gal keeps on spoilin movie after movie wid her insipid appearances. People talk abt her ´beauty ´. What ? She´s so goddamn pale ye can hardly SEE her , like da contents of a glass of water . Paltry oughta stop actin & start frontin a gal group named ´Anorectica´ instead . // sayeth Peter .

    P.S. Viva Super Nanny !

    5:43 AM  

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