Friday, July 03, 2009

Madonna the attention greedy vulture tries to use Michael Jackson's death for self promotion

Mange called him a 'space alien freak' now she's honoring him?

Where was she all of these past fifteen years as the "most famous" pop singer when Michael Jackson was being vilified in court? When did they ever duet? Why now is she SO attached to him?

Madonna did this "look at me too" rubbish when Princess Diana died, crying out against the media driven paparazzi culture she nearly single handedly helped build up with her fame whore/reality MTV life of raunch and stupidity by exploiting Princess Diana's death in a stupid video reenactment of her final hours. Does the press REALLY think she should be given a platform EVERY TIME someone who is more beloved than she is dies? This foul woman who has exploited even her OWN MOTHER's death?

Did her sleazeball manager, Guy Oseary, really need to announce the very day of Michael Jackson's' death, the unverified plans on her "being part of his comeback?" No one but HER slimy camp has EVER confirmed she was to be part of anything.

She is simply the sacred media cow, who has trashed Michael Jackson's family repeatedly throughout most of her career, was clearly never his "close friend" , and is also not getting any attention this week for her African child trafficking ("adopt a child and go back out on tour the next week school of parenting") and "pay as you go" relationship, it only makes sense that she would try desperately to siphon attention from Michael Jackson's death by adding a VERY tacky Jackson impersonator to her upcoming tour. All she really knows how to do well is copy and shadow others.

Madonna is now clearly foaming at the mouth in trying to hijack some of the massive global adoration and ceaseless reverie Jackson is deservedly receiving from world leaders, entertainment industry giants and hundreds of millions of fans on all seven continents. Her fawning lap dog media is stepping in on cue to help her as always, virtually ignoring the truly beautiful tributes that Beyonce (who can sing) gave and The Game's New Song "Better On The Other Side, an ensemble tribute song featuring among others Usher & Boyz II Men

Madonna never worked with Michael Jackson. She turned down "We Are The World" (thankfully) and Jackson decided to never use her vocals on "In the closet" which is not surprising as she could not and can still barely carry a tune. She has insulted, without provocation, Jackson's family, especially his sisters, Janet and Latoya, on numerous occasions and let's face it; she may be really famous but she has virtually zero raw talent when compared to Jackson. His unparalleled career has dwarfed her's across the boards especially as someone who fought racism within the entertainment industry and who raised the bar as high as it could be raised for popular music, dance, video, film and record producing.

Thankfully the Jackson family won't buy the BS line of this insipid parasite. Considering how nasty she has been to other women (until she grew too old and haggard to get away with it), how much she's trashed us here in the UK (eg: council housing, NHS etc), never had any emotional complexities play out publicly, and how her media protected image has done nothing but spawn more vulgar , talentless, hair dye Pussycat Doll style acts, she has NO place alongside Michael Jackson's cautionary yet intrinsically positive legacy as an individual.

And while making a statement is one thing, being the first to hover and circle incessantly, jockeying for world attention when there is a death of someone more famous and beloved like Diana or Jackson is really gruesome. I think its as offensive that the press just lets it go. Her fans are the worst though, like sheep with pre-recorded tape loops in lodged their heads repeating all that 'reinvention' and 'standing her ground' rubbish like automatons. The press from about 84 till about 94, in the states scarcely allowed another white female singer to an emerge and get any press which is the only reason why she is still famous; madonna IS the media in many respects. More so than any performer I've ever seen her exploitative personality is indulged and applauded by the press.

I didn't see Michael Jackson come out on stage and do a duet with Madonna-ever. Yeah, they were best friends alright. Wasn't she by Micheal's side at court during his child molestation charges? Yeah she was right there...

To paraphrase Francis Bacon, fame crushes the heavy, complex talents and pushes up the light and airy bits. Queen of POP? Please, she's a puny little desperate fanatically religious wimp who pays for her intimate relationships in cash and who will NEVER be MY Queen!

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Blogger grace said...

...and remember when she used Michael Jackson as her date for the Oscars way back? I cannot remember the year. That was another 'media ploy'.

12:28 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said... ,(pardon da French,Mandy)but dis pic of MadOnan is real barf bag material , even widout da added vulture wings & dat weirdo thing ye´ve put on her/his head ?// Abt Onan´s tryin to use M.J.s passin as a vehicle for her own career : well, what did ye expect from sumone who can´t even spell da word ´cumpassion´ ?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Fleur de Bee said...

FOund your blog again via the BallerinaGurl old archive...I invited you too btw :)

Oh it just makes me sick, especially his Dad plugging his new recording company or whatever. I just turn the TV off it is so sickening. How sad!

How you feeling Mama?

2:43 AM  

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