Friday, September 23, 2011

This train is going into a tunnel aka Madonna is a rip off copy paste

Firstly, I'm back from a dusty slow internet connections, brutal muscle strains and cultural crusades that tore me away from the true artist's journey.


You really want to know? Let me give you a little story, once upon a time, the public met Madonna and Madonna met the public but the problem was the public was not attracted to Madonna unless she continually created a huge media scene and because Madonna was also not talented she had to rip off everyone in sight while making a huge media scene and making hardcore porn a Wal mart style mainstream brand. The public had never before seen anyone who would devote four hours a day to working out and even more time to hair, clothing and makeup. But unless the photos look interesting no one will look and all that "work" will be in vain. Even pre-Fame Madonna was stealing looks and poses from EVERYONE. Do you know that that makes her?

A copy paste. Madonna is a rotten plagiarising thief who has stolen from over 70 different people BLATANTLY . REPEATEDLY and WITHOUT ANY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AND SHE STOLE FROM KEN! THE MEDIA HAS NEVER CALLED HER ON THIS ONCE.

See for yourself  HERE.  You will never call Lady Gaga a "madonna copy again".

As for this? It is simply so offensive that I could stomp some romp. I don't keep up with mandonna unless she does something vile in the press so I missed this down to the medallions from Ann-Margaret's dress!She is such a conniving snake that most of her rip offs of Ken Russell went into Tour programmes or the background films in her shows.If Ken was also getting 36 million to make a film as she is for her latest turkey, this might be more pitiful than offensive. Shirley Russell created all you see here as well. Ken once said seeing Shirley's creations and vinatge finds turn up in films by other directors was like "seeing old friends.  Madonna in clothing ripped off from Tommy is like knowing your stolen antique wedding dress was sold on Gumtree in exchange for two expired IKEA gift vouchers and a BJ.

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Blogger grace said...

well, I always knew Madonna, used other icons, or images, or famous people to further media attention to her. But you really show some images here that gives the slap on the forehead. Like the press have always said about Madonna, she has always been good on the Media Machine. Always good on knowing what and how to re-invent herself at the right time. I know how you feel about Madonna. But on one hand, she has figured out to manipulate the "general" public. So the "general" public has a little bit to blame. Shame on the sheep really.
I had my questions in the beginning about Lady Gaga, in some ways, now hold on....she had signs of Madonnish type of behavior. that is undeniable. She's really just similar in the only fact that she is constantly changing, re-inventing, being different, being new and exciting. that's it.
But, I like Gaga for her. I really do, I started watching all interviews, and reading all interviews with her, and I started to like her for her, for what she stands for, for being real (which Madonna has proven to not be).
So after a long rambling comment, Go Gaga. Madonna showed bad form recently in the media, did you see? a fan gave her some hydrangias(sp) and she took them and said outload, I loath hydrangias. and then the next day, did some stupid 1930's style video clip, like she was going to apologize and didn't. Tacky.
Hope you are feeling better. Muscle strains are not fun. and oh my, neither is slow internet.

back to your journey. x

5:46 AM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda™ said...

"Like the press have always said about Madonna, she has always been good on the Media Machine."

Remember though, they LOVE her. If you have the media allowing you to spin bad, awful behaviour into millions of dollars that may be insipid but it is also symbiosis They can make or break anyone. She is part of the machine not using it. That's more of the myth THEY feed about her.

"Always good on knowing what and how to re-invent herself at the right time."

Another media appoved mytrh. madonn ahs never once reinvented herself, she simply changes clothing and most of that clothing as worm by others. Reinvention has nothing to do with the way you look. Like Angelina, she went from being a hard partying Goth wearing a vial of Billy Bob blood about her neck and then in a less than a decade she's a UN ambassador with six children directing films. THAT is reinvention.

"I know how you feel about Madonna. But on one hand, she has figured out to manipulate the "general" public."

ONLY with the media's help though.

"So the "general" public has a little bit to blame. Shame on the sheep really."

Can they really be blamed when ALL you got was Madonna? It was unheard of for a female singer with a two year career to be getting the cover of Life, Time, 3 Rolling Stones, two People, Harpers Bazaar AND Vanity Fair IN ONE YEAR!!! That Live Aid picture where she's with the stones, Dylan and Tina? Why? There were a dozen more deserving female singers who should have been there. All other female singers were obliterated in the media when it came to magazine covers and hype. It was like Cultural Stalinism. Think about it-not internet?

I like your rambles!!

7:41 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Huh...Madonan who ?Must have missed her .Unless she´s dat gnomelike critter wid huge arms & bologna sausages for ´legs´ . In dat case I happened to spy her/him down at my local stripclub last nite ?

8:34 AM  
Blogger grace said...

glad you liked my rambles haha.

Yes, that Live Aid picture was ridiculous to have her in with those artists. I remember when it came out, and I thought to myself...What? that's a big mismatch.

She using the media, the media using her, one big "userfest".

4:51 PM  

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