Friday, August 26, 2005

The Search For Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman finally will be coming to the big screen and already names of REALLY skinny minnie actresses are being trotted out to play MY amazon role model. I'm aghast. Wonder Woman has hips. Wonder Woman has a soft countenance. Wonder Woman fights evil not stylists and personal trainers. Linda Carter is to the Hollywood female form what Hendrix was to guitar playing (I guess that makes Raquel the Eric Clapton) just astonishingly fit and womanly. No one should be asked to fill those boots.It can't be done. So Mr. Producer please allow the clowders of little girls who still twirl in front of the mirror with Miss Carter in mind to keep their patron Saint of Starry underwear and invisible jets and make a film about Black Canary instead.Cheers!


Blogger Britta Ruth said...

Wonder Woman will kick any of those anorexics in their non-existant asses if they don't submit to her lasso of truth. Watch it, bitches! Linda Carter is coming for you.

7:02 PM  

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