Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tony Benn: The Left and the Honourable

Click on the post title to read all about Great Britain's greatest MP who found time to meet with me and which was wonderful!!)
"So you found me in Wikipedia? Well, I took the opportunity and Googled you," said Tony Benn with an expedient flourish as he welcomed me into the lovely Notting Hill home he's lived in for over 54 years. Having just turned 81 on Monday, Tony Benn is ageless, endlessly knowledgeable and astonishingly current. "So you're a blogger, are you?" He mentioned reading my interview with Rachel Fuller. "She likes cigarettes, does she?" I explained to him all about her song "Cigarettes and Housework." Tony, as a contented pipe smoker himself, found this charming. I also told him about Pete Townshend's futuristic and multi-cultural novella about London, "The Boy Who Heard Music," a London that Tony Benn himself helped to shape in his unparalleled career in both Parliament and other sectors of British politics that spans over 50 years.

When you find yourself having pizza with a man who interviewed Saddam Hussein twice
while he was president of Iraq ("He had a revolver strapped to his hip and at one point actually held it and I wondered if I'd gone too far..."), you start to get very eager and curioiusand ask many questions. Tony at once wanted to know about me, where I grew up, what religion my parents raised me with etc. It was our mutual affinity for Paul Robeson that had been the reason for our meeting. The Left and Honourable indded!


Blogger Justin Kreutzmann said...

sounds like a very cool guy

4:36 PM  
Blogger elena said...

Hey, Amanda!!! You looked great in ITA!!! Congratulations!!!



10:28 PM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

Sounds like you had a great time in London! I'll be going over there at the end of June --- don't really know what to do while I'm over there yet. Maybe you could give me some pointers?

You were so cute on ITA! You and Rachel seem like you could be best buds. Glad you got to go on the show!


11:41 PM  
Blogger Neil said...


I'm not sure who is luckier; you for meeting Tony, or Tony for meeting you. My money is on Tony.

You both look marvelous.

2:44 AM  
Blogger Dan L. said...


Very nice appearance on Rachel's Blog. Very nice documentation on YOUR blog.

Very entertaining, thank you,

--Dan L.

6:50 AM  
Blogger JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...

Super Amanda,

You looked marvelous on ITA. Congrats on you and Justin. A fabulous pairing!

It looks as if you are having a wonderful time in England. Didn't you say in a past post that was one of your dreams? And I'm sure hanging out with Pete and Rachel was high up there...

Let me guess, Cinderella is your fairy story right now... you are living it!

I'm so happy for you, and it couldn't have happened to a better person. There IS such a thing as karma!


8:51 AM  
Blogger THIRD OF NEVER said...

Ummm....gee...can't really compete with any of that, although I did meet Phyllis Diller when I was 11.

Actually I have been blessed enough to meet some of my musical idols in the last year, and luckily they've all turned out to be really groovy, rigtheous, and alright.

I never know what to expect when I sashe' over to your blog.

1:17 AM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

You were wonderful in the Attic! Do happy and bubbly.
How cool that you spent time with Tony Benn. I want to read more about him.
I think it's time for your own webcast now..."Amanda and her Super Friends."
oh and ditto all that Jack posted!
It is a Cinderella experience - one well deserved.
Enjoy the rest of your trip!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

doh! I meant "So happy and bubbly."
I'm not ordering you to be happy...

10:13 AM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

You were adorable, funny and so genuine on the show. It is so cool to see bloggers in "real life". Hey, is this the real life or just fantasy??

Do you feel like Alice? I know I would!!

I'm hearing "Summertime" in my head.


2:24 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wow, he's 81? He looks great!!
You do too, of course.:)
I meant to mention that I love your hair, I noticed it in the Attic, so pretty! I've always wanted dark, shiny hair like that, ever since I was a kid.
And Congratulations on everything!
I tell you, it's a pleasure to witness good things happening to good people.
Too often in life it's the opposite,and I hate that!

4:51 PM  
Blogger Lord Bargain said...

Tony Benn is a bona fide British political *legend*. How on earth did you pull that off?

*is in awe*

10:44 AM  
Blogger SuperAmanda said...

Hi Bargain,
I am part of a Bay Area non profit that is dedicated to keeping the legacy of Paul Robeson alive.
Tony Benn and his father William Wedgewood Benn were instrumental in helping Robeson secure the rights to his passport which was revoked by the US government for 8 years during the demented Red Scare of the 1950's. I also have a great affinity for ll that Mr.Tony Benn has acheived as well as for the man himself.

2:46 PM  
Blogger neilbymouth said...

Tony Benn is a true star and a credit to our country, im jealous and delighted for you Amanda- you have very good taste in the folk you like. Great to see you on inthe attic btw great to have you over here!

5:26 PM  

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