Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Phallic Frenzy is HERE!

Yes, I said "no books on Ken by other people" but the man has lived longer than Stalin and one of the Popes combined! He has a history and what is a study of history going to be with no book selection? At first I thought this was going to mostly rehash a British Picture but not at all after reading a few chapters. I now have to own every Ken book!

Here is a rare early unfinished film by Ken called "Knights on Bikes".
Here we see the greatness he would assume.

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Phallic Frenzy has CUM ? !!! Oh well, born to be wild...( pardon me for orrible pun, A. ! ) (I just can´t help meself ) (Pardon for one more orrible one ,Amanda!!! )/ P.S. gotta luv it, when da knight takes his BIKE & rides away here . D.S. For a staggerin few moments at da beginnin of da clip I thought I was watchin Bergman´s ´The Seventh Seal ´. Ole b/w clips/movies have an eerie otherworldly beaut, like sumthing fleetinly glimpsed in a dream ?

8:44 AM  

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