Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meet The Bunnies (sic)?

 (Without a doubt, this one, few second segment of Tommy simply baffles and amazes viewers!! Countless people will tell you these are "Playboy Bunnies" or "Bunny Girls" when they are actually simple showgirls. Their club was bombed and out of their dressing room they fled with gas masks on. A quick cached glance around the net and it seems an almost essential part of the plot for many! See below...)

"...Lanza writes about these hard-to-read pictures with humor, piquancy and inviting clarity. He also obtains quotes from Russell that offer fresh insights to imagery from some of his films: The bizarre sight of chorus girls wearing gas masks in the early part of Tommy, for example, turns out to be something he actually saw during the Blitz. " Tim Lucas 2007 review of Russell biography "Phallic Frenzy"

"Which is where Tommy comes in, the bonkers Brit helmer spying the opportunity to accommodate his interests in lofty themes and base imagery (if it's naughty nuns or barely clad Blitz-era showgirls in gas masks you're after, call Kinky Ken) and throwing himself into it hook, line and flipper." Total Film

And so, took flight with his imagination. In the film’s opening WWII sequence, you can tell you’re not in for anything like a normal cinematic experience when young women are seen prancing through bombed-out London in white knickers and gas masks." - Brian Poyser Austin Film Society

"Meanwhile, Russell’s operatic sensibilities inspire him to try and top each show-stopping number, so that a glimpse of underwear-clad women in gas masks gets trumped a few minutes later by a scene at a Marilyn Monroe-worshipping church..." Noel Murray AV Club

"Blame eccentric satyr director, Ken Russell, whose hallucinogenic vision puts the "higher" in Messiah, jamming the movie with images of sensual nightmare: showgirls in gasmasks, bombers-as-crucifixes, a skeleton with a snake-as-penis, giant pinballs littering the landscape, and Ann-Margret lolling in chocolatey, syrupy goodness." - dunmore_ego from imbd

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Blogger grace said...

one of the scenes that makes Tommy the classic it is.
All the visuals, and 'wild' scenes.

10:06 PM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

´Ann-Margret lollin in chocolate ...´ Kinky enuff for sure but also , huh...totally TASTY ! :P / Gasmasks ain´t exactly a gas , tho. Maybe Ken went a bit far here? But then again, no ! ´Goin to far´ was exactly what Ken was all abt.

5:52 PM  

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