Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Kid for Two Book Signings

How often do West London rock stars deign to grace East End venues with their presence? Proper East End venues? My adorable husband wanted to surprise me and went down to Truman Brewery this evening to get an autographed copy of "Who I Am" signed by Pete.

We must have miscommunicated because he returned about an hour ago sweetly telling me that his honey had made "him look like a right **** " and that it wasn't on tonight. Well of course not honey, it's on tomorrow night... He missed the England game which is now postponed until tomorrow (thank God!).

He's very determined to go now even though I said "no worries". I'm not able to bring our son over there at that time as he's an early sleeper/early riser so I sadly can't go but he wants me to have a special second copy of the book because he loves me so much. He is the best and we are so lucky to have each other and of course our God like son too who's more of an Al Stewart fan currently.

I'm on page 155 of Who I Am now- right before Tommy. Best autobiography ever! Here's Al Stewart now for you all

(*In Cockney speak the freely used C word means "complete idiot" or "thoughtless person" possessing none of the shocking, damning anti-feminist fist fight inducing incarnation it has if it is used in the States)


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