Friday, August 26, 2005

Havin Fun All Summer Long

(That's me and Ricky Robinson onstage at The Stork Club in Oakland singing T Rex's 'The Leopards' Summer 2003)
In a few days this blog will become an online monument to my intense physical transformation into a super heroine-cape included. I promise not to bore all of you.For awhile now I've wanted to take my fairly fit physique and push it's knobs to '11.' To be or not to be-that is the question. Not so much an extreme makeover (which is a crock of shit) but a blending of all my ideas , love for the planet and see it combined with a healthy, Boris Vallejolike apperance. As a lead singer of a Who Tribute band I have to surpass Roger abs. He wore all these cropped tops and spray painted on jeans too. I must compete! And my wonderful Pilates certification that seems to be turning into a stay at Lassa, my new Super heroine life will enhance that as well...please keep reading.


Blogger SuperAmanda said...

It is really all about fine tuning.
I'm getting certified in pilates but it is extremely challenging because it requires so much focus on the mind body connection and zen like concentration is challenging for me when it involves hard work as opposed to free form creativity.(My hero Pete Townshend has both)
I've actually put the internship on hold until I work on acheiving that. I don't feel confident to teach this very involved method until I master it within myself.
I'm a kitten I like to play with string, sleep, wrestle, play with string, eat, sleep , chase my own tail etc.
But even when I concentrate there are interesting things-some of the Pilates work especially on the barrell, goes way into the pelvic floor, diaphragm and deep abs and can be emotional to perform beacuse many women hold 'stuff' there. I was one of the people with tears in there eyes during class, which is common.

I have done programs before but I want this to be a COMPLETE one. I don't like the thought of JUST changing my appearance.
I have so many wonderful facets going;my music, my friends , my friends offline, politcal stuff, cougar rights, childcare, music etc that I should be showcasing those in a synergestically awesome wonder woman kind of way with a smaller waist as the icing on the cake.
Couple that with release work , balance and concentration and I WILL become a super heroine!
I'd also like to prove to the world that you don't need a life coach, personal chef, personal trainer, stylist or friggin liposuction body hoovering to be a physical specimen.
All those make over shows are wearing a bit thin!

5:50 PM  
Blogger Britta Ruth said...

I applaud you. Not many women would try to fill Roger's frilly jackets.

I'm the lead guitarist in a Who tribute band which is a lot easier. Just a white boiler suit or union jack shirt and I'm set.

6:58 PM  

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