Friday, June 23, 2006

Can We Fix It?

So many fun things have been happening that I feel very fortunate to have waltzed over the pond and been so welcome- the only thing driving me crazy is that I've taken on the hairstyle of CeeBeeBeebies charater Tamba (see above)-not literally but I seem to have 'Tamba Energy' these days with my odd work pony tale and surprised expressions.
I've just had a big week long indoctrination into children's shows over here and can't get over how wane and white bread 90% of kids shows in the States are in comparision(apart from PBS). The music and stories are so much more imaginative here too.
Hopefully I'll going to Teddy Bear Tea at The Ritz next week which should be a blast so it will be time to get out the Super Amanda gowns and the camera. I'm writing again too, these days about politics and this incredibly friendly muliti-cultural society I now live in, I want to record down all my first impressions. Pete's 'White City: A Novel' seems to be on my mind when I walk around my borough. Looked at a few gyms around here and it was pretty funny, some offer bagels and Clarins cosmetics plus a class called 'Nike Rock Star.' I'm going to get a low cost pilates class in my area together and see what happens once I get settled a bit more.
Funnily enough I even found a cool photo of Sir Paul McCartney and another photo of Tamba whose hairstyle I stole, on The RolyMagic Show website which is a wonderful duo who entertains kids all over the UK.


Blogger ginab said...

Hmm, Super A...again so mysterious. Not sure who anyone is, so maybe what you're doing works!

I'm suppose to attend a meeting shortly (blah), but the weather is sunny and the air fresh, I can hardly stand to sit indoors another second.

I haven't watched television, let alone kids shows, since probably I was a child. There are great children's books out there, which I tend to read about in the New York Times Book Review each Sunday. Neato stuff, words on a page; it's where the imagination lives and breathes.

White City fighting, yeah-eh-eh!


5:49 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Amanda,
When I was a child, most of the kids shows I used to watch were on PBS. Now kids these days watch most of the kids shows on Nickelodeon.
White City is a novel too?

8:12 PM  
Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Good to see you're having adventures!

Take care,

10:59 PM  

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