Monday, January 15, 2007

Heads Up on all the Fun

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    Blogger Sarah said...

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on The Daily, Amanda - you made my day! I like your blog too, and was delighted to se Tony Benn on there. Very worrying though to hear your observations on the KK still being active...

    Very bests, and thanks again,

    Sarah, The Daily.

    7:37 PM  
    Blogger Elsie said...

    You are so right about the View. Oh well, some people never change.
    Lovely Profile picture!

    5:42 AM  
    Blogger Natters said...

    Hi Amanda thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll add you as a link.


    2:36 PM  
    Blogger Grace said...

    Hi Amanda, how are you? I thought you had stopped your blog, glad to see you haven't. Happy New Year to you. Hope all is well

    xx grace

    6:17 AM  
    Blogger Suesjoy said...

    Love that Miss Flying Saucer!

    Hope you are well!
    How goes the recording of your debut?


    8:53 AM  
    Blogger SuperAmanda said...

    Thanks for asking Sue,
    It's fun to back on blog spot now that I have some extra time to play. The disc is going but it's a much harder process than I thought and really expensive. I had no idea how hard recording is. I love the songs and I'll have some vids of me singing on youtube soon.
    My bedirndled bosoms and I did a funny dance to Squeeze Box which had over 8000 hit in 36 hours but a jealous male (!) Who fan had it removed for copyright violation!
    "Don't use The Who for your 'body art'"
    thems fightin words to me.
    He left nasty comments too but no biggie, I'll be back. If you go to
    my film site link it's still up there.

    5:25 AM  

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