Monday, September 18, 2006

King Rabbit, Dance With Lynda, Dreaming From The Waist

I'm feeling pretty chill, I had a long, hard, summer and now I'm really getting a break visiting California just starting to miss London. Wondering and dreaming today if they will ever cast an actress to play Wonder Woman and listening to Who By Numbers. And I have a new corset from Agent Provocateur in Notting Hill bought for me by a fan... Mandy's Gotta Squeeze Box, However Much I Boob, How Many Friends ;), Hand or Face?, Imagine A Maaannnn, nudge nudge wink wink etc, etc! Actually corsets are no fun to wear unless they are to due be unlaced within the hour. This one is an Italian model, decently crafted but I think I'd do better with a longline, cup-less corset like the one Sophia Loren wears in 'The Millionaress."

So this Wonder Woman movie: Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, apart from being a natural actress had easily the best body in the history of television, perhaps all of modern Hollywood (photo finish with Raquel Welch). That jaw dropping combination of 100% natural curves, graceful athleticism, tiny waist /wide hips and fresh faced earnest perfection is why they can't seem to cast a successor--it's like trying to do a remake of The Seven Year Itch or Citizen Kane--Carter is that closely identified with the role and few in Hollywood today are both natural and Amazonian. So there are at least five spaces between her number one spot and the next one to wear the golden crown and sit on the starry throne. Check out the history of the character, read her stats and realize how futile the search is!

  • The History of Wonder Woman

  • With some of the names they've considered I don't see why modest me does not have a shot like anyone else!! 90 minutes of daily running, Jude Law as Steve Trevor and no more blond highlights seem a small price to pay. But it's so much more than Wonder Woman's image that has to be present on the silver screen, her spirit as the number one all American super heroine was realized by Carter's powerfully intuitve grace and it will be hard to see actresses that are frankly more 'Wonder Girl' than 'Wonder Woman' step into the role. Monica Bellucci would be great and so would Kelly Brook--ironically they are both from Europe and not in the running. Sophia Loren, Diane Lane, Maria Cuccinotta Grazia and Luci Pinder should play Hera, Athena, Demeter and Aphrodite respectively. Earthly goddesses portraying their Olympian counterparts.

    So I wait and 'wonder' knowing that Amazonian presence can't be faked.
    (I could definitely play Wonder Woman's arch enemy 'Cheetah' --paws down!)

    Here is a very lucky wabbit. I rescued this little guy from the Richmond railway yard almost two years ago, snuck him up to my Mom's on the train and now it looks like he's become the very embodiment of Pete Townshend's long lost gem; King Rabbit. Pete has called it : "A song about delusions of grandeur? Or perhaps the true beneficence that can come with power. Straight out of a children's comic." (True beneficence of power is right-- as he's not so little anymore!)
    I love Pete for sharing all his Scoop gems with us even if he knows someone gave us a bootleg of it already... I love his new fuzzy wool hats too. I can't wait for 24 hour WHO RADIO! Electric Proms here I come!!

  • King Rabbit!

    Blogger ginab said...

    welcome home for a while! Personally, I'm not into boobs. I really can't stand to see them on men! Happens tho, even at the Y where I work out.

    And I never got in to watching WW, but ocassionally I thought a man or a woman flying through the air looked unbelievably silly. I felt, I think, bad for miss Linda tho I know she swears she had a good time on the set. I just thought the stars covering her bum, hips, and waist were a little, I dunno.... I guess I wanted a better designer for her and to screw all the patriotism.

    Love the bunny. I love the voice. What is it about people that we talk high-jibber to animals? I have a "bea bea voice" I hide away but somehow I wake up with it. Some morning I am going to have a beau right there, poor man, and he'll hear it all (but will he love me forever). ahh!


    6:07 PM  
    Blogger rolywholyover said...

    It occurred to me today that I'm on the search for Wonder Woman too. Somewhere, in some heretofore unknown corner of the world, she may already be expecting me.

    Speaking of Who by Numbers:
    Some people seem so obsessed with the backside
    Get up early just to chase some tail
    Some people like it more when there's cups running over
    Worship the bra when it's full
    Some people go for those at-home evenings
    To sour, boy-ish, pouting nymphs sending email
    But I like every curve of the female

    10:31 PM  
    Anonymous Fan of Barbaro said...

    Glad you're back in the US. Your bunny is a dream- I wish I had a bunny instead of feral cats who eat & run. Barbaro says Hi, and to remind you not to wear your gorgeous corset around him- he nips. There is only ONE Wonder Woman, and that's YOU! Bye for now, and don't forget that Leonardo Di Caprio has two movies out by Christmas. He is almost as big a hunk as Barbaro.

    6:43 PM  
    Anonymous Vajrakilaya said...

    Just found your blog, and what a surprise- you are such an interesting writer. Also, where can anyone find the video of an intelligent house bunny.!?! I'm sure all rabbits are pretty smart, though, or there wouldn't be any left. Thanks for sharing, and you have the most beautiful hair I've ever seen.

    7:15 PM  
    Blogger ginab said...

    hey there, I'm intrigued by your whole fame-thing (your comment over to my non-beta blog site). Your desire to capture or obtain fame, and putting up the atoms perhaps in order to get it, is interesting. i'm intrigued because it's 2006, and nearly 2007, and not 1956 or worse. seems dated, the concept of what's needed to put forth.

    I naturally highly advocate for you obtaining further education in whatever you want to obtain.

    fame, tho. students in my comp course this semester will research fame. I was listening to a specialist interview on NPR the other day (yes I listen to national public radio), but I didn't catch her name. She has written a book on fame, on the very thing I'm interested in (a little, just intrigued) to do with fame. What is it, for one thing. And the specialist aligned the concept with success. Achievement (and I am paraphrasing) is an interior sense of success. "Success comes from inside ourselves; we know when we're full from when we eat; we know our threshold for success; 'fame' is an altogether different matter; it's exterior" and so on. I use quotes here because I was listening pretty hard and I'm one of those sticklers for not making someone else's words my own or for taking credit for someone else's words.

    now it's time I ate some peanut butter toast. PB from the healthfood store, of course. It's pre-stirred (too of course, or ele I'd be all over Jif!). I wish I had some jam (my favorite savory of all).


    2:06 PM  
    Blogger Metalchick said...

    Welcome Back Amanda!
    Although I know you'll be going back to London.
    I'll have to get reaquainted with the Wonder Woman movie, I haven't seen it in a long time. If there is going to be a remake, they better do a good job on the script and cast the right people.

    I don't have The Who By Numbers yet, but I think that's the next Who album I'll buy.

    I'll drop by later.

    Take Care.

    9:52 AM  
    Blogger FanofBarbaro said...

    What do you do in the winter? You must get cold!
    Nice oleander by the way ;)

    1:37 AM  

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