Thursday, May 03, 2007

Too Hot for You Tube?

A week ago this past Sunday morning I had
  • My YouTube Channel
  • Brick Lane Betty, suspended for 'violation of terms of use' the video they cited as the culprit was about as racy as Donny Osmond covering Lily Allen (but way cooler of course).
    If you have haters, which anyone with a following on YouTube or the net can get they can flag your videos until the editors are required to judge if you're within the terms of use. These decisions are made indiscriminately and have lead to mostly innocent vids like mine being pulled and crazy and really vulgar vids allowed to stay.
    It was very upsetting as I've put countless hours into my saucy Super Amanda persona and I'm building a very loyal fan base as well as attracting interest in my writing.
    After about 24 hours of defiant emails to the editors my account was 'reinstated' apparently a VERY rare move on You Tube's part.

    No real reason was given but as three previously pulled videos oddly reappeared on my account post reinstatement, I'm positive I was hacked by someone...I'm still very happy that it's back!

    All my stats (now pushing 1.7 million views on my main accounts) are still untouched save for the videos people favorite; those were removed.
    So know I have a video with 656,000 hits and only 15 people favorite it! AH SHOW BIZ!

    So they announce The First Annual Francis Ford Coppola Presents Rosso & Bianco Theater Movie Contest winners on this FRIDAY! Please go to the previous post below and follow the link to give us a rating and check the other incredible Coppola Estate websites.
    And in about two weeks I'm going to shoot footage for
  • Third of Never
  • "Everyday is a Lonely Night" and "Let My Love Open The Door!"

    Anyway here are all MY Favorites!

    Super Amanda Gone Wild (Alternate Edit)



    Boobs and Surrealism Part seven

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