Thursday, March 08, 2007

Birds of an Innocent Feather


Blogger Grace said...

lets not eat the innocent creatures.


4:50 AM  
Blogger ginab said...

I'm kind of under the impression those are egg-laying hens and roosters, meaning they're "farmed" or "shedded" or "cooped" to produce eggs or for their eggs, so they're not to be eaten anyway. Roosters have the best life really until they get grumpy and mean. They don't do anything. The hens will lay eggs with or without him, no matter. Roosters are like George Hamilton to me, if you get me. When they do turn mean, they do end up in the fryer.

As a vegetarian (me), for EONS, I always figured chickens and the like (fowel) were/are pretty dirty. Geez, I see a hen lay an egg and blech it can take me a year to eat one and then I must disguise it in french toast. You couldn't pay me to eat a bird (or a moo or a chirp or a quack or an oink or anything they looks like it can sit up and talk or scream or hiss or swim (even)).

Not to talk about me!


4:38 PM  

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