Friday, March 02, 2007

Two By Dickens


Blogger ginab said...

Here's a tale (I like A Tale of Two Cities, too!), but for real, I was temping in an office in London probably in 1988 or thereabouts with Dickens' great-great granddaughter. No foolin. I met her dad too, who (gulp) was the great grandson (therefore). I forget where I was temping. Probably a PR agency. She was employed there fulltime. Very blonde, her hair, and straight. And pale cashmere.

I was very pleased to meet her and her dad. I only wish the whole six degrees worked more profoundly. Erm...


4:38 AM  
Blogger SuperAmanda said...

OMG!!! I know he has a gaggle of descendants like Samuel Whiskers the rat in Beatrix Potter's The Roly Poly Pudding but WOW!!
You can a tale unfold Gina...

5:16 AM  
Blogger ginab said...

In likeness, yes probably (and how funny!).

Maybe essays on the other, a collection by 24 or so of estranged ones. I'm going to pick up Twenty-Eight Artists and Two Saints which is a collection of essays by writers, dancers, actors, and two spiritual leaders on the creative process. I read a review in Entertainment while waiting for my mom who was in seeing a doctor. Sounds like an intriguing and enlightening collection. Certainly there are plenty of collected essays by individuals and then other such publications where multiple writers contribute. By reading these I'm thinking the other publication which we could conribute to could take shape.

I'm only thinking. I haven't written a lick on the matter, but hey...why not try? I am in the middle of other stuff right now and then I do want to get more involved in the novel I think I have started. But besides that, truly, I think such a collection would be valuable or I should say valued by a lot of people. There are many more than just us.

Sorry no real follow-up here on Dickens!

Good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words, too.


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