Friday, May 11, 2007

You Tube Bodhisattvas and Player Hater City

It's going to be very hot and sunny soon and I'm ready. There is a pool nearby and a
  • friendly neighbor
  • who stops by and sometimes stays over. All of these pictures (including the one with the fangs) are with me and my real hair, just out of the salon (no extensions or Super Amanda wig). I'm gradually going back to darker hair as everyone seems to like the gingham bra look and darker hair means closer to nature. I rarely look this perfectly coiffured, which so sad that it's so expensive to look sleek but I'm saving for bigger things. I hate everyone who thinks you have to have straight hair to be sophisticated--I HATE YOU!

    For my birthday on the 29th I'm filming a cake and pie fight for YouTube along with the videos for
  • Third of Never

  • Speaking of hate, You Tube has been very going well with one of my vids at almost 1 million hits in 2 months but I'm finding the situation of "haters" and "hating" to be very tiring and perplexing. If some crazy freak leaves a comment here or even on My Space (which almost never happens) it's simply a matter of delete but on YouTube I find the effect of someone's nastiness is a VERY different story.
    There you see the actual person visually or at least what they enjoy watching on their own channel as tons of energy and attention is fed from all over the world into the public viewing of all kinds of moving images; that somehow makes them more "effective." On You Tube I tend to fight back when someone leaves a really nasty comment but even when I try to burn the hater I know in my heart it's been a total waste of time.
    What I don't consider a waste of time is when I hit back at channels with hate speech videos or total idiocy like a toddler in India left with a live Cobra who keeps biting her on the head but even then what's the point? The true Bodhisattvas of YouTube just allow any and all comments any place on their channels and videos and don't give a shit or allow themselves to be tweaked; invariably they are always guys. The girls always moderate their comments...

    I'm learning about and refining a lot of unflattering aspects of my own attitude not only towards the rogue viewer but my fellow (and more popular) You Tubers. A woman with bible quotes who calls herself Ysbella Brave and sings karaoke style sits at the top of the charts and seems to me to be a Prozac glutted pro-life vision, cooing very decent but fauxish jazz and Marilyn Monroe mimicry; she also has twenty times the subscribers I have, is always featured on the front page and was just signed to small Warner label so she's particularly weak. Her attempts at rock are beyond the realms of Osmond and her separate vlogging channel on which she espouses heartfelt advice on 'pain and suffering' in between references to her animals being spayed is like hearing "Tammy Faye: The Early Years" book on tape read by Carol Channing wigged out on Quaaludes.

    Most subscribed musician, Mia Rose, is an American Idol finalist type with a Charles Dodgson approved silhouette and a syrupy "bah bah goo goo" delivery of both original and covers including "Looks Like We Made It" performed with her hunched semi-prepubescent frame planted "golly gee" style on a twin bed in some anonymous room in God knows where USA. She just 'signed' with a small independent label and a crafty sounding bloke appeared in her latest video talking about how "great her successes will be" while she nodded approvingly alongside him like Humbert Humbert's take on C3PO. At least she can play guitar...

    So I guess I'm a hater now too, articulate but still a complete and utter player hater.
    Help me repent bitches! HELP!!!

    What would Baba say?

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    Blogger ginab said...

    Boy, I don't know.

    Personally I see YouTube an even worse rendition of real life than what's exposed on tv. So it's not a form I can begin to illustrate or examine fairly it's various users. Mean people suck is true, I'm thinking, across the board.

    I'm glad you're writing. I wonder if you are also writing about women's fashion as you were darn good at it. Your introspection there was fresh and important.

    I've been thinking rather from the sub-c what a terrible person I am. Would I invite me to a party? no. I guess you have been reflecting, too? That's all I'm on about. But maybe it's in the air, that we're not alone, that all method seekers are indeed on the same track? My role then is to play "awful person".

    happy mother's day to yours!


    3:17 PM  
    Blogger Dan L. said...

    I don't think I ever saw yor stuff on youtube, so my comments remain...none, on that.

    I would like to make some vids for youtube, but gotta get a good cam for that. I think I could just tell stupid stories. I once took a class in writing children's books. I thought I was an adult type writer, but someone's teacher said it makes great kid's stories...maybe someday.

    --Dan L.

    12:36 AM  
    Blogger rolywholyover said...

    Your music criticism is really fun to read. Maybe you should submit some music crit articles to PB, RS, etc.? You could be the new Christgau!

    9:08 AM  
    Blogger Suesjoy said...

    He'd say:
    "Don't worry, be happy!"
    I love you S.A.!!!

    8:14 PM  
    Blogger Ian McDowell said...

    You're a Baba Lover? I have no opinion on that (and only use the phrase "baba lover" because I'm told that that's what Meher Baba's adherents call themselves), but I rather hope you won't shun me even though my ex wrote ALL THE FISHES COME HOME TO ROOST (a memoir of growing up in a Baba ashram in India that seemed to enrage many adherents of that faith).

    7:41 AM  
    Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

    Hi to my most devoted fan Ian!
    I would have to remind you that Meher Baba spoke about love and not being afraid of love. That very simple sounding but radical to follow through on concept invariably can't always be possible for everyone all the time. I don't think there is anything wrong with writing one's memoirs and if your ex dislikes what she experienced it does not phase.

    This whole post was about me expressing a lot of unattractive nastiness about the grid so you could almost call it "When The Vloggers Come Home To Bore the Shit Out of You."


    7:53 AM  
    Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

    and yes I'm a Baba lover but would probaly do better to say Baba liker as I've fucked about this past year and been too distracted by the net and other triviality to study and read as much as I was in 2006.

    8:02 AM  
    Blogger Ian McDowell said...

    Oh, sure, kickass, I completely understand your point about the nastiness in the vlogosphere, which is pretty reprehensible, and I'm impressed by how well you've maintained a sense of humor and proportion about it. Please never let the choadboys get you down.

    As for Rachel's book, it caused quite a stir amogst the faithful, judging from the enraged responses she got on Her actress mother (who'd been on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and LASSIE) hauled her off to an ashram in India when she was very small. Beacuse the Baba Lover community did not have a school of their own, all the Western children from the ashram were sent to the Holy Wounds of Christ Catholic School, where the nuns and priests beat the shit ouf of and otherwise abused them, and according to Rachel, the whole Baba community turned a blind eye to what was happening to their kids there, either refusing to admit the abuse occurred or saying it was "Baba's will." Rachel emerged from the experience loving India and Hinduism, but loathing Baba Worshippers and other American "cultists" (and hippies in general). I'm not expecting you to comment on that, just noting where she's coming from (I'm listed on the acknowledgements page of the book, as I gave some editorial advice, but the opinions are Rachel's, not mine). I should add that Rachel's father and stepmother, who are both Baba Lovers but not crazy like her mother, have apparently been supportive of the book, but her mom, who is some sort of major figure in the religion, went into convulsions over it, as have some of the other older-timers she was in India with, and they were denouncing her in organization newsletters back in 2005.

    On a happier note, you might enjoy my blog about seeing Chesty Morgan at the NC State Fair when I was 11 years old.

    9:17 PM  
    Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

    Chesty Morgan , bless her Polish soul, is a bit too much even for me. I usually don't stand by mountains that dwarf my own!!

    4:42 PM  
    Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

    "Baba Worshipers and other American "cultists"

    Meher Baba followers are NOTHING like a cult because so little money is exchanged and so few negative stories about being a Meher Baba follower are out there.
    Anyone can walk into a Baba Center and be welcomed. You look around and read the books and just relax and no one is pushy or taking you into a back room for a Q&A. All religions are embraced and no one is ever made to feel weird or left out.
    I think your ex's MOTHER was the real problem not Meher Baba and SHE was the one turning a blind eye. What kind of mother dumps their kid off at The Holy wounds Catholic Ashram in India? What the fuck?
    Where was here father also? Therein lies her problems.
    MANY child actors from that era were really out there so that would have manifested itself whether she was a Catholic, J.witness, Muslim or even an Atheist.
    I don't know the details first hand but if there was wrong doing the Baba followers I know here on the west coast would be the first to admit it.
    Like I said before actually being a person who follows through in universal love and surrender is VERY hard. I was lucky to be growing up near Berkeley, California and my mom took me to a Baba Meeting.
    It was there that I first heard about The Who and a man named "Peter Townshend."

    I love Meher Baba--he's brought great things to my life!

    4:54 PM  
    Blogger Ian McDowell said...

    Holy Wounds wasn't an ashram; it was a Catholic school close to the ashram where all the local Western children were sent to be educated regardless of their parents' religion. The book's argument is that the whole ashram -- not just her mom and dad -- didn't want to know what was really going on there. Of course, this kind of blind eye is hardly limited to those particular Baba followers, and has been practied by many parents of kids in Catholic schools, Catholic themselves or otherwise.

    I've never met her mother, who was in India attending a dying holy man when we were dating. But yes, she seems crazy, and as I said, her dad and stepmother, both Baba Lovers to this day, were/are supportive of the book and in general quite rational people. As for the inaptitude of the "cultist" label, that's why I used quotation marks (I did also date a woman who belonged to the Landmark Education Forum; now THERE's a bloody cult!)

    My ex's mum wasn't a child actress, btw (although what you say about them is certainly true, by and large). She played an Indian princess on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, and in one of the latter and urban incarnations of LASSIE, was a disllusioned hippie who was going to throw herself off the Golden Gate Bridge until Lassie talked, I mean barked, her out of it!

    The Chesty Morgan blog is more about the marvelous and bygone sleaziness of State Fairs back in the day when they had stripper tents and dead frozen bigfoots on display, than a celebration of Ms. Morgan herself. It was a different world back then, and the North Carolina state fair was a last bastion of the old-time carny ballyhoo.

    6:27 PM  

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