Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where The Gummi Bears Come From

Here in Southern Sweden for a few weeks, with fabulous weather, a lot of tea and blisters from walking over half of London last week that should have their own reality show. You realize how much the human body can handle when you take on London in 85 degree weather for three days in a row with only about three hours sleep on top of major jet lag. Many highlights include walking up the Thames from Surrey Quays to Tower Bridge in the early morning hours (the feeling of looking back over your shoulder and down the Thames is truly Dickensian as you feel a million friendly ghosts) , turning masses of heads in the West End while being poured into my new dirndl (hate to gloat but I've been donning frumpy yoga pants all spring...), an illustre-ious Friday night in Clapham Common and searching for Ollie Reed's spirit in Wimbledon. Thanks to Brian, EBay, You Tube and Mum for making this trip happen.

Pictures to follow.

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Blogger grace said...

Happy Trails..........:)

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