Thursday, April 17, 2008

Probably The Best

My favourite actor and the only man I put the cleavage away for, if that makes any sense. High necklines for royalty- always.

My most favourite actor Malcolm McDowell has a new movie called Red Roses and Petrol
and this is my submission for the official film website's "How Much of a Malcolm McDowell Fan Are You?" contest.

Who couldn't love him?!

I'm very sad that I will never meet his mentor Lindsay Anderson but I enjoy reading reminiscences about him by Malcolm and writers like Alan Bennett. I do fancy myself a female Mick Travis at times!
I've learned so much from Lindsay Anderson's life and film making, it's the ultimate gift which I received from being a Malcolm McDowell fan.

Song credits:
"Poor People" and "Sell Sell Sell" both
written by Alan Price for the film
"O Lucky Man"

1. O Lucky Man
2. IF...
3. The Passage
4. Tank Girl
5. Time After Time
6.The Compleat Beatles
(his narration makes this the best of ALL
Beatles documentaries)
7. Get Crazy
8. Cat People
9. Britannia Hospital
10.AND OF Course "A Clockwork Orange!"

Thanks to Willie the cat and to
RootBeer Lord for the camera work.

*Correction: "IF..." was Malcolm McDowell's SECOND big screen appearance following "The Sporting Life" in which he makes an appearance. IF... was his first STARRING ROLE!


Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Yeah yeah yeah , ole Malcolm´s sure intrestin enuff ( btw ALL Scotsmen are blue-blooded , hon . Know why : Cos it´s so freakin cold up in dem mountains ...)but let´s talk abt somethin even more intrestin :YOU , Amanda . What a gifted a capella chanteuse ye truly are ! !! Yer voice needs no backing whatsoevva . Verry rare , indeed . So more more more of yer ´chapel singin´ , pliz .
/ signed father Pete .

4:23 PM  

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