Monday, February 25, 2008


"Say hello to the love man
You can't afford to pass him by
Say hello to the love man
Now I've said it, don't forget it, you'd regret it
If tomorrow he should die."

-Pete Townshend

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

´Lay down,lay down
don´t you know we
can stand strong
against the rain
Meher Baba
lives again . ´(Melanie Safka )
// Sir Mick . I´m not sure whether Mick should´ve accepted dat title . It´s more in da line of a Cliff Richard , somehow ...
Keith : ´SIR Mick ? ...Well, in the group we use quite a different name for him .

7:16 AM  
Blogger grace said...

Pete's a wise man.

Happy b day Meher Baba

6:35 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Hi , Grace ! Dunno if ye refer to me as ´Wise Pete´or if ye mean our dear old Townshend ? Anyways : Tink I´ve
misquoted Melanie´s song ´Lay down ´.
The lines ´Meher Baba
Lives again ´.
Are probably to be found in da song ´Leftover Wine ´ , from da same album , by Melanie S. (1971) . ( I always mix up these 2 tunes .) //Hemulenoid Hugs from spring-like Sweden .

9:24 AM  

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