Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ten Million Hits and Lookin For Trouble!

Well it's been exactly one year since my first Super Amanda type videos premiered on You Tube and today, my four You Tube channels, My Space film page and Daily Motion account stats were tabulated and I just cleared 10 million hits!

A VERY big thank you to everyone he watches my video, laughs and then wonders if I have breast fetishist or weening issues from childhood and generally supports what I do. Maybe Super Amanda will be retired as a character someday like Sacha Cohen retired "Borat?" or become a guest lecturer at Oxford? Possibly, but until then THANK YOU for watching and hopefully being very entertained!

Coming up next month Brian is visiting from the continent to film my first You Tube videoss for 2008 and then in March I'm going to SEATTLE for the first time to film the music film for "Killing Machine" in High Def for DA Sebasstian and Go-Kustom records. D.A has also kindly asked me to make a cameo appearance in the film "Hot Rod Girls Save the World!" My character is at a party which gets blasted by alien rays, she's in a bathroom with a friend being all girlie when something goes terribly wrong!

So till next time here is a clip from a classic film that I've been hoping someone would post on You Tube for the past two years and yesterday it appeared!
It's Jane Russell the first super bombshell in film history and a great natural actress as well. She is a huge influence on me because I have an almost identical body type and height (minus her incredible cheekbones and naturally sculpted nose) and try to have that same easy going big girl presence when I perform.
The French Line was a Howard Hughes produced screwball comedy musical where Jane is an oil heiress who's main man is intimidated by her success so she takes off on a cruise and switches identities with fashion model to "teach him a lesson." For some reason known only to Howard Hughes, who had director Lloyd Bacon shoot the film in 3D, Jane sings a rollicking, man eating song "Looking For Trouble" in something like a drum majorette's outfit with three strategically placed cutouts AFTER she makes up with her man!
Anyway, it's my kind of song :)

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Hej där , Blomma ! Wow , 10.000.000 hits ! And about 10.000 of dem hits come from me .Yeah , I love to ´beat´ ye... Now , abt good ole Janie ,sure she was beaut enuff . BUT ( & dat´s a big ´but´) she needs MORE butt. Plus my opinion is , her legs are almost on da skinny side, I´d like dem thighs to be broader,no ? And so da final judgement: The pattern on her suit is kinda treacherous ,makes her look more curvacious dan she actually is & on da whole Amanda´s bod is much much more voluptuous dan Janie´s ! / Sayeth

3:24 PM  

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