Saturday, November 10, 2007

San Francisco Bay Oil Spill Equals Murder

First the transplants invaded and created Silicon Valley which obviously being on MySpace and YouTube I can't be hypocrite and totally write off.

Yes, initially it was exciting.

But with them came ridiculous rents and idiots who think 70.00 plates of organic food and wine parings are going to change the world. they drove the artist out or put them in starvation mode and now they've irrevocably harmed the part of the Bay Area all to ship their crappy soon to be recalled shoes and toys in from Korea.

I love being able to visit my sea lion friends on Pier 39, see the men and women fish of the pier and know there are dolphins, sharks and giant sea birds. Ducks, egrets and birds of prey. I've swam in the bay and at Bodega, Salt Point.

I grew up in the Bay Area around a bunch of rich fuck heads and when almost everyone else besides the few great artists, dancers, musicians, parents, kids and thinkers who still reside there became rich fuck heads too, I left. But I never lost that feeling of walking to the Bay.

That tiny insipid wuss, Esmee Denters sings "Sitting By The Dock of A Bay" but she doesn't know what the hell she's singing about. Generic pop people just don't understand what it feels like to have that body of water to live with everyday. The San Francisco Bay is like the Sydney Opera House or the Houses of Parliament, it's the monument to the real hippies and the real explorers

No matter how bad it would get on BART, with crazies with anything, there it was; sunny, stormy, endlessly romantic--FREE.

And now.


Blogger Hans said...

Oops... Been a long time since I´ve visited this blog. You are completely right, If one has grown up close to the water you will be depending of the water for the rest of your life. I grew up in the archipelago in western central-Finland.
I know exactly what you are talking abut.
I've visited San Fransisco and stayed there for nearly two weeks in 1986 and one day we drove around all of the Bay Area. Great place. The seals had not invaded the area inside the Golden Gate then, you could watch them at the Cliff House on the oceanside.

10:30 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Am myself former resident of Bay area , & am verry distressed by what I hear from our Amanda . Is dis really true ? So sad ! Used to sit on dat pier , playin chequers wid da dudes.
And now all GONE? Please get in touch wid Van Morrison , somebody ! He´s now not only famous , but 6 RICH . He lived there too . /Peter

11:12 AM  

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