Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Deleted Scenes

I lasted 48 hours off the net which must be some kind of record. Jai Baba!

Bad news: a few irresponsible people are using my videos without my permission to link from You Tube back to Porn sites. I do nothing pornographic or even R rated for the public so it's annoying but a reality I created and have to deal with until I can afford to go after people legally.

Good news:here is my latest video replete with anti-anorexia Bikini fun to squash Rachel Zoes in a single bound. But the part I'm the most chuffed about is the all new bonus feature at the end; "Deleted Peens: Sacraghetto Boy" a tale of a shifty but sporty groveling Ken doll. He's qualifying in five events but lacking in one giving new impetus to the concept of 'short subject.'
Behind The Bikini: Super Amanda (with Doll torture)

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Blogger grace said...

Hi Amanda, you're back! Hope it was all quiet for you.
I am sorry to hear people are using your videos, that's really a bummer, I hope you can do something about that.
Oh, and Madonna does not deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that is reserved for rockers, not pop artists. Too bad.
I enjoyed the video, you have a great sense of humour and comfortability on camera.
take care

3:55 AM  

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