Friday, June 15, 2007

Bikini Explosion!

So about two months ago I bet You Tubers that at 1000 subscribers that I'd make a Bikini video and to make a long story short, I stalled a bit, was called "a tease", tried on a lot of bikinis and even decided to use the opportunity to multi-task so the clip does fill that obligatory grunge metal swimsuit quota for my video collection. So stay tuned as the next ones will feature actors, Fisherman's Wharf and tons of special effects.
Oh, and may 29th was my birthday! I made my cake below it's pretty simple just blackberries, strawberries, white cake and unsweetened whipped cream and multi-colored sprinkles!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Lord, my pants got tight.

3:18 PM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Happy Birthday.....

Good luck with the rest of the trilogy videos for Third Of Never......xo

2:31 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

super A on that cake. Hope you got my well wishes on your myspace.

xx Happy B=day

4:59 AM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

just checking for another TON video (Third Of Never)


8:02 PM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

oh I'm so flattered please check back in about three and half weeks
:) The next videos have story lines and feature actors so they will be a big deal-and a lot of fun.
the entire Third of Never disc, MOOD RING" is amazing and I recommend that everyone contact Jon and buy a copy; Rabbit plays on it too!

It actually takes a significant chunk of time to even do a deceptively simple clip like me running around in a bikini; we have to get to the location, shoot the footage, decide what works, upload it to both our computers (myself and Brian my cameraman's) and then I have to dictate all the cues and occasionally take advice without veering into directorial diva territory and then it all has to be uploaded onto a server and then onto You Tube and my space.
Each video gets better and easier though and I can't wait to do this professionally.

9:49 PM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Brian Jones was my favorite BEATLE (wink)

I think maybe he would lived longer if he really had been....just a thought!


12:19 AM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Too bad you don't live in NY..I do know a great kid, just graduated NY film school...really creative and three would have a blast!

I KNOW it takes a lot of hard work, for just a few minutes of footage!


12:22 AM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

That's pretty funny. I'm still very impressed that he was asked to leave the Rolling Stones for "doing too many drugs..."

12:25 AM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Aw damn, I missed your Birthday due to my own blah.Just been having the most frustrating and depressing computer problems. It's an outright miracle I got it running by myself
not just once, but twice. :(
But on a happy note, I'll be checking out the video!
Although I already know you *are* hot!
New chapter up now...;)

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How goes? Any music plans for the summer?

Question -- how does one get in touch with lyricsgrl? Did her site change?


10:16 PM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

SULLY! i think she made her blog private...

Hope you have been well, summer is off to wild start over here on the Left coast

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh well...

Saw the videos...if you make it over to the East Coast, we'll have to think of a way to incorporate you into a video. You have great presence.

But the JSB2 project will not be done until the end of summer. It will probably be the LAST CD we do, as the technology is shifting to the Internet.


10:21 PM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

thanks, it really shifting to the net and every month it becomes more and more about AnR on the Grid.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Just checked out the vids, loved them!
Actually, I came to mention, I thought I had a great idea for the bikini explosion, except that I know it's already finished. I loved deep run, and some of the effects were really neat, I thought.
Here's what I would have put in if I was the director, producer...

You, Amanda, walking along the edge f the ocean in your bikini, hair blowing back a little - here and there a guy will come up and try to grab your arm, you shake him off and keep going. Another guy comes, tries to put his hands on you...
you shake him off, are starting to get angry. Suddenly that purple lightening effect starts. (I liked when the purple lightening mingled with you in that one shot, like you were made of electricity).
Another guy, worst one comes up and tries to touch you, but since you
are now purple lightening, with one attept at touching you, he is thrown backwards onto the sand.
You keep walking, at peace, the purple lightening fades revealing beautiful Amanda again.
Bikini Explosion. :)
If it wouldn't be a major pain in the butt I think this would be a great idea. You could actually make the entire video you walking on the beach, and having guys try to mess with you, with your superamanda powers (the purple lightening)
throwing them back on the sand every tiem they try, it would be great! Especiually if the guys
land comically, on their butts and stuff. lol
Let me know if you like it, I would love to see this video idea come to life. :)
New chapter up. ;)

8:18 PM  

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