Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Legal Matter: Update My Account is Reinstated

10/22/07 my account was reinstated-almost. The video that precipitated the removal of my account is still the subject of a bogus copyright claim by Zomba/Sony BMG. I filed
a counter claim with YouTube three days a go and I am anticipating the restoration of the video in question, especially as it represents over 360,000 hits by itself and is my second most popular clip.

I am almost positive I know who is behind this and when I have confirmation they will be outed and cut to virtual ribbons on my blog, MySpace and on You Tube.

A big thank you to: Brett Hampton and Rachel Soles- you two Rule!

My first Fan Tribute Video regarding the bogus copyright infringement claim by Zomba Label Group/Sony BMG on My You Tube video.

Please forward this to the appropriate persons at your company.

It has come to my attention that the "Zomba" group has falsely and fraudulently claimed an ownership interest in works created by the person known as "SuperAmanda" and who has the account "BrickLaneBetty" on the website. has suspended "BrickLaneBetty"'s account and has informed her that your company claimed an ownership interest or some other form of intellectual property right to her entirely original video, "Boobs and Bach." The work was filmed entirely by her, using entirely original music, none of which was generated by you or anyone in your employment.

If your company did indeed contact YouTube and convey this information to that website, then that communication was done falsely and fraudulently, and has exposed Zomba to liability for monetary damages, including punitive damages.

You must do the following:

1. Contact and correct the false impression left with that website.
2. Discontinue your practice of falsely representing that you have an ownership interest in any works originally authored by BrickLaneBetty/SuperAmanda.

If you fail to do either of the above, your company may be sued for violations of California's Unfair Business Practices Act, under which you could found liable for monetary damages, treble damages, and attorney's fees, as well as punitive damages.

Brett G. Hampton
Attorney at Law


Blogger grace said...

I could not bring up the video, did you post one?

I hope that you can sort this whole thing out. Seems completely unfair.

6:08 AM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

It should be right on the blog, check your browser ot go here :)

6:16 AM  

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