Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bryan Adams we must talk

So I was going to write a very long diatribe about the new Guess Campaign with the supposed Sophia Loren look alike and it's pathetically wane and rote post modern approbation of famous curvaceously glorious Italian sex symbols as re-imagined by Madison Avenue anorexics in bad padded bras and jagged clavicles who are not Italian but I figured these photos would speak volumes instead.
But still, can't these fashion ad people use their very thin tall narrow women to imitate other famous very thin tall narrow women of Hollywood or model days gone by? Why not shoot a tribute to Versuchka ala "BlowUp" or Sigourney Weaver in "Alien?" Why do you take aim at famous actresses who are mega stacked, nice wide hips and fully hourglass and have them portrayed by very small breasted woman with boy hips? Isn't that whom you DON'T design and shoot ads for?

Bryan Adams, singer of 'Cuts Like A Knife', 'In Heaven' (Mr. Pregnant does the definitive version) and many hits I love etc is also truly great photographer but this shoot in no way replicates 1950's sexual bombshell Italian Sophia Loren. For starters the model should be ITALIAN and she can't be built like pipe cleaner (there is one shot in jeans-Sophia rarely wore jeans-where the model Line Gost looks 100% prepubescent-see above.) All those idiot sales people at Guess stores : "Like our new line is based on the Sophia Loren look we have like a model that looks just like her..."


Dear Bryan, please contact Maria Cucinotti Grazia or Somaya Reece next time-THOSE are models built like Sophia Loren, Line Gost bares only scant resemblance and it's a very flat one.

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Hi ,Flower !
Yeah , Line´s kinda ghostly... Frankly , can hardly see ANY resemblance to Loren whatsoevva . Line´s a heroine chic chick , really . //Abt Loren : It´s not only her fab & so GENEROUS bod , or her hauntingly beaut / notsobeaut face ( mind ye , true beaty can NEVER be flawless. Such beaut is antiseptic & uninterestin (Cindy Crawford ,for instance, looks like one big YAWN to me .) but it´s also Loren´s ability to project her inner exuberance & warmth & her intelligence. ( Fuck , I´d really love to TALK to dis woman. ) ( Among other things . ) Yeah , Loren´s da verry epitome of charisma , where Line´s just blank blank blank ...A too young & too inexperienced lassie .
// sayeth Peter

2:17 PM  
Blogger grace said...

Hi Amanda,

No, there is no imitation for Sophia. Beautiful and healthy. I dont like this thin no shape looking models.

good post. have a good weekend.

(my blog is on invite now, am sure you ve received the invitation :) )


3:04 AM  
Blogger grace said...

forgive me, but Youtube Channel? What is that? I have an account, but I can send you something to go there?

3:32 AM  
Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

I agree that it is not very flattering, in a Sophia-like way. Sophia is amazingly beautiful and this think this doesn't even come close. I was laughing at a random magazine I was leafing through at the Dr's office today showing another messed up Hollywood starlet as Marilyn Monroe...I seriously laughed out loud...NOTHING like her, not even a padded bra to help!

We need more normal girls to show their skills in the modeling world I think, sorry but I am just not going to be growing to 6 feet soon and it puts a damper on things and how they are represented and my relating to them. I am not fat or overweight but I still like to see curves and celebrate them!

Great post sweet Amanda!

7:37 AM  
Blogger grace said...

Amanda, you have to tell me, I have an account with Youtube, but I do not know how to find my channel? or send that out? Not that computer saavy :(

4:26 AM  
Blogger A Money said...

I cannot believe they used a waif-ish, skinny, 14-year-old boy looking thing to represent such a womanly sex symbol. They are total opposites and even facially, Line Gost (sorry, but stupid name too) does not share any similar features with Loren.

The fashion industry is so deluded. They've lied to women for YEARS in regards to what men want in a female (apparently, it's some shapeless stick insect with no tits or arse) and now they're believing their own lies!

Oh, and did you ever hear that thing about Eva Mendez looking like Loren? HA!

4:23 AM  

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