Friday, January 01, 2010

A Happy New Year

Congratulations! We've made it to another decade! Champers and poppers all around!
Despite the fact that the horse is supposed to have the best upcoming year of any other zodiac animal by a country mile, I'm not observing feng shui any more. I've decided that any belief system that also includes the wholesale liquidation of the planet's last Rhinos and Tigers is not a code to live by.

New Year's Resolutions

1. To only purchase one thing made in China a month, if at all.
(When you have a new baby avoiding purchases from China is not easy)

2. To learn more about different countries, languages and cultures

3. To sculpt my waist until it is 24 to 26 inches uncorseted by June

4. To eat Goji berries, acai, cranberries or any berry, every day

5. To go to Butlin's with my Kev, Mr. Mooch and Sadie dog

6. Finish my novel(s) {thanks Gina B and Par :)

7. To sing everyday non stop for an hour to two hours

What are yours?

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Blogger ginab said...

hey Amanda,

24 inches? ouch. xo

Um, I aim to learn to dive properly, return to my swedish language books for the song of it, submit three stories (it's all I have time for), change occupations, and get the hell out if it means dropping everything and walking.

I keep too many snow boots and things in the way of my door to abide to feng shui, and I always strive to buy from the company I'm in. Mind you, I don't know the pieces of this MAC book. where were all the pieces made? hmm.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Amanda! Write more. xo

4:23 PM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said... POPPERS ? ! No , thanx , Amanda, I don´t use drugs . Except for an occasional gallon or 2 of beer ./ 24 inches ?Pls don´t starve yerself to attain dat goal, I do not want ye to go widout yer daily 2 bars of dark chocolate !Choc is good for ye . Makes ye sweeter dan cloudberry pie .

I promise to :

1.Nevva buy anything whatsoevva from North Korea.Not even a Volvo or a SAAB.Promise ! (;

2.I promise to God I shall nevva nevva NEVVA sing at all.(to which God sings Hallelujah !)

3. I do promise I shall start to write short stories again . Da shorter da better !!!

Have a good ´un now , Mandy /XX

12:27 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

Hi Amanda, HNY! I love the picture.

Some resolutions might be:
1) to put one CD away before dragging another one out and before I know it I have a huge mess; in short learn to complete one thing at a time
2) to try my best to eliminate all negative thoughts and judgment from my mind
3) to accept myself for who I am and no one else
4) to eat one or two WHOLE apples every day, not worrying about whether or not I chew up and ingest the SEEDS. Especially if I'm short of a marzipan bar. It might even shoo cancer.
5) to uphold (or try to uphold) a CFD (computer-free day) policy at least once a week. As long as it doesn't cause a COLD (computer-overload day) the following day. (I had one yesterday and so far today's pretty moderate, but the day is young yet...)
6) to learn more Chinese than just " wo ai pí jiǔ " (my daughter taught me that one)
7) ... to forgive myself that I can only think of six, much less carry them out

OK, p.s. this one's really serious. A few years ago I really did finish a course on writing for children, but thereafter I procrastinated. My resolution is to not sweat the fact that I've not taken this any further. If I do, I do, If I don't I don't. Procrastination is a normal, natural function. No point beating yourself up over it. It'll happen when it happens.

HNY again!

7:59 PM  
Blogger grace said...

Happy New Year Amanda. I look forward to your posts this decade. I just want to make it a good and happy year, I know, ugh how boring, but as I get older that is what I want, just to be peaceful. realizing the big goals just really arent in the big picture, happy, right?! yes!!

5:54 AM  

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