Saturday, December 19, 2009

Really good song writing by men is...

usually about things or women that cause anger, sexual frustration or pleasure , sadness or drama. Yes there are plaintive and lonesome love songs and ballads written by The Beatles (And I love Her, Michelle etc) and great soul singers (Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got, Three Times A Lady, Bernadette) but most of the hard rockin bands I listen to don't write loving tunes that praise loving women who are kind and good and the majority of Hip Hop artists don't as well; they praise bitchy mean women.

You could call "Wild Horses" a great ballad , which it is, but it ultimately signifies the END of a relationship. In fact "let's do some living after we die" kind of says it all. Roseanna by Toto (I'm not a huge fan of Toto just like a "few songs" ;) is sung from the perspective of a guy who was dumped ("not quite year since she went away...") and what about "You Were Always on My Mind?" It reminds me of Tiger Woods!

I find myself trying to write love songs now and I just can't do it. Everything I write is sounding like Park Life!

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Blogger grace said...

pain and despair always make for a good song. When things are good, not so much for the creative song writing. ( what I see anyway)

4:28 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

´The Irish / Scots is the race that God made mad . Because all their wars are merry & all their songs r sad .´
Yes, I believe Grace has made a good point here . All the good luv songs ARE sad . / Just listened to sum ole El songs.´Ye were always on my mind´. Da dude made me shed a tear .If he can do dis to me --- I don´t even dare thinkin abt what he can do to a lassie ...

7:56 AM  

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