Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remberance Day and Veterans Day

All of us should remember the brave men and woman who have served and are serving the United Kingdom and the United States in it's armed forces.
We should think of them everyday.

You can still be for peace while supporting our troops.

In an out of reach loft
The medals are lost
They belong to a lone broken sailor
His provinces now
Are the bars of the town
His songs and his poems of failure
For his grandchildren can't see the glory
And his own kids are bored with the story
But for him they'd have burned behind netting
From the brink they were grabbed
And I'm sure
I'll never know war

I've known no war
And if I ever do I won't know for sure
Who'll be fighting whom
For the soldier's lonely tomb
Now opens as soon as the referee's gun starts to roar
I'll know no war

War - I've known no war
I'll never know war
And if I ever know it
The glimpse will be short
Fireball in the sky
No front line battles cries
Can be heard as the button is pushed by a soul that's been bought
And the armies remaining will judge without people or courts
And there's no point pretending that knowing will help us abort
I'll know no war

-Pete Townshend

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Blogger grace said...

wonderful tribute Amanda.

2:12 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Hi,Amanda,let´s swap sum lyrics! Remember dis one :

´Wait until
the war
is over
& we´re both
a li´l older ...´

& wasn´t it the The Who dat sang
´Won´t get foooooled again ! ´´

But alas we were, no ? Fooled , I mean ...

6:51 AM  

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