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Charles Manson and Ciccone Youth at 75

It never ceases to amaze me, the emotions I feel when I read Helter Skelter, Vincent Bugliosi's runaway bestseller recounting his prosecution of The Tate/LaBianca murders. The book is astonishing in how it sucks you right in, which is why it is the bestselling True Crime book to date. The same could be said for the media and to a certain extent the public, in how they view and fete mass murderer Charles Manson.

I know what his Axl Rose style fans who share his racist, sexist values will say "Charlie didn't actually kill anyone dude..."

Yes, he did.

He conspired to kill and was the force behind the brutal murders of SIX people (Steve Parent, Sharon Tate, her unborn baby Paul, Abagail Folger, Wojtek Frykowski and Jay Sebring) over forty years ago this past August AND then he tied up Leno and Rosemary LaBianca and sent his psycho hillbilly hippie friends into their home to slaughter them. Manson tortured ranch hand Shorty Shea to death, participated in the torture and killing of musician Gary Hinman and is most likely responsible for dozens of other still unsolved murders. "There are 11 murders they'll never solve..." boasted his right hand hag , Susan Atkins who recently and finally died a long and deservedly painful battle with brain cancer, receiving FREE, million dollar cancer treatments that few in the US could ever hope to afford.

Creepy and disgusting and The Manson families prison sentences (commuted from the death penalty to life imprisonment when California temporarily abolished the death penalty) and college degrees are paid for by US tax payers...why? And why? WHY? Does he have thousands and thousands of fans, some of whom are elite Uni students, defending and laughing about him and his vermin family? Are people really that stupid? Mainly because the Manson family did NOT get the death penalty and NO glaring example was made of their heinous actions, they have all been able to continue on alive and suck off the system they 'hated' existing as mass murdering quasi-stars. Many of the victims siblings and even children have since died, many quite young no doubt due to the stress of having your family torn apart by murder and then watching the killers become pop culture icons with shots at parole. So many other killers are fading memories and unfeted. To wit: John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy were both executed and one notices, despite being guilty of crimes as abhorrent, neither are able to live off the system and be courted by the media and fans.

Why? Because they are DEAD! They were put to death like the Manson family all should have been!

I see his obsessive fans on You Tube. One guy is really out there. One woman (I'm sure the are more) has taken her very young children to meet Manson in prison. They think he's just a quirky, funny Eco-Terrorist who got the rap and that the swastika carved into his forehead is somehow a "sun symbol" and they embellish his life as if he's actually important as anything other than human refuse. Funny, for such an "environmentalist" he did nothing discernible to save or preserve any animals, plants or land when he was on the outside.

Pitiful. This crazy trashy and I will begrudgingly admit, campy creep turns 75 today. He still leeches off of the system he said he wanted to destroy, while sadly having huge artistic value. Tweedy little KKK satanists with monotone delivery narration make their pretentious documentaries about him, I.T. guys who will never have any friends create fonts named after him, D-list celebrities and skinheads wear him on their t-shirts with moronic slogans, lukewarm post modern faux punks like Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon (who both look like Manson family members) honor them with crap song tributes and even Banksy (predictably) gave him a nod. But John Waters goes the distance. He has not only dedicated TWO films to the killers, he's actually been trying for decades to get Leslie Van Houten released. I'll venture to guess John Waters has never had a family member murdered. He finds far too much joy in this person who created unspeakable pain that has and will continue to mark her victims family for generations to come. And whom was given the death penalty and yet unlike her victims given another shot at life.

I watch pop culture trends, and I believe that ultimately Manson and his squalid ilk will be forgotten in the next generation. Yes, the swill will be forsaken. Many teens today that I meet online via the non-profit I'm connected to and the children I've nannied, have no idea who Charles Manson is and are not so easily led to think that far right wing new age narcissistic serial killers are worth championing.

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Blogger grace said...

I was surprised when you said that people actually go and visit him in prison? The world has gone mad. And him and his followers are mad, and I agree all should have received the death penalty and not be still on this earth. You take a life, or multiple lives, your life should be taken aswell. It sounds eye for an eye, but seriously, why should murderers still live when they brutally and sensely took others lives?
good post Amanda.

2:11 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Manson is one of da most disturbin phenomena in pop ´culture ´, yes. Sleazoid sadist M. is obviously mad as a hatter,but in da same time remarkably good at manipulatin & downrite clevva .He can be deemed responsible for his actions. Since instigatin murder should be judged just as harshly as murder itself , he oughta have been handed a death sentence .He could NOT have pleaded insanity ! / As to M.s sorry, unsavoury followers:Let´s keep in mind,dat M. is a masterful manipulator . Widout any probs at all he managed to sneak & snake his way into da verry core of Ca. ´artistic circles ´. Not only Dennis Wilson was taken in by M.s charm , but dozens of rock luminaries were similarly affected . Neil Young was workin his butt off tryin to get M. signed on a major label .Not ALL Manson´s followers can , obviously , be brain fucked , just as little as all Hitler´s followers can have been ´insane´. No ,their madness is to have let demselves be fooled, deceived & seduced by da power of sheer evil . & dat kinda foolishness is called CRIME ! // As for capital punishment in general:it´s a vast & tricky subject,both ethically & philosophically & legally.Da main prob wid capital p. is dat it´s irrevocable:Dozens of people dat were executed in da U.S. durin da last few decades have since been proven innocent.& I´d say dat´s a BIG prob!//But as for M.,guilty as hell:Manson & capital punishment were MADE for each other!Let him swing !

4:31 PM  
Blogger Marcus Collar said...

Sonic Youth is a very diverse band, I really enjoyed reading your blog but fail to see why singling out two very talented artists/musicians as "lukewarm post modern faux punks". Makes you come across a bit lukewarm yourself.

(yes I'm a huge Sonic Youth fan and a jerk)


7:33 AM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda™ said...

I explained why I don't care for them. I think anyone who views Susan Atkins tribute songs as somehow hip and edgy is pathetically post modern and kind of fucked up. I despise post modernism. Plus Kim Gordon came of like a madonna arse kisser in a few interviews I read, always championing her. I think Madonna stinks and i think Sonic Youth suck.
My standards are just ridiculously high for performers, i can't listen to crap unless it is campy and funny. Sonic Yute and Mankdonna are not funny..

9:33 PM  
Blogger Marcus Collar said...

I can see you know nothing of the band nor Kim Gordon and probably googled them and read two or three things about them to make your judgement...(sort of like how I found you lol ironic isn't it)

Next time you should do your homework.

And to be honest you shouldn't be so quick to judge, your own music is very derived and lacks the diversity and luster of the Sonic Youth catalog... Besides listening to your music and looking at your influences it seems odd your not already a fan of Sonic Youth....

I'd like to talk to you in a few years when you've had time to listen to thoes you seem to judge so quickly...

I look forward to it!

and Jesus this whole thing makes me question your grasp of "art" is art just something that is supposed to be rooted in happy pop culture icons...would you prefer a post punk band to sing Ronald McDonald?

9:57 PM  
Blogger Marcus Collar said...

It's so funny and ironic what your saying.
Ever thought that maybe the Manson work was a stab at your favorite musical sandwich "campy and funny"...

But given you have spent 15 to 20 minutes researching a band that still records and tours regularly since their inception amongst New York's art rock scene. Some of which you list as influences on your myspace page.

harr harr honk honk

11:08 PM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda™ said...

"But given you have spent 15 to 20 minutes researching a band that still records and tours regularly"

Are you a stalker looking over my shoulder checking my playlist? I've listened to tons of SY stuff because many of my friends like them. Many people like them. I don't like poser punks/madonna apologists.I listen the Dead Kennedys. DK would never write a shitty song about how "Sadie and I are gonna hit it, hit it". If someone murdered your loved one, you would not think it was a like hella cool song and then a fucking stupid video glorifying the murders too.

Kim Gordon is so fucking ugly.

"since their inception amongst New York's art rock scene."

aka rich kids, Trustafaria and rich kids who become junkies and all bear a resemblance to Manson Family members.

"Some of which you list as influences on your myspace page."


3:28 AM  
Blogger Marcus Collar said...

LMAO very mature response please read over your comments again and really think them over.

The song about the Manson family is a joke about LSD which you failed to get.

And let the record show Jello Biafra is ugly as fuck (see how you have equated some undefined standard of beauty to good music) and as well a friend of Thurson and Kim's.

Ok so let the entire blogger community know that posting comments to the rampant and historically inept comments on art in American culture featured on your "blog" means your a stalker. Thats liek lighting a house fire and suing the fire department for showing up??? Get used to the fact you had no idea what you were rambling about to begin with


Stocker fodder!

much respect,

3:47 AM  
Blogger Dan L. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:17 AM  

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