Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heat Seeking Missle Music

I never discuss private stuff like this online but lately, I've been thinking of how pleased I am that The Who, apart from some heavier live stuff, don't make bunk up tunes.

Seriously. Part of me really likes music sub text free so I can own it in my own mind and heart. I think The Who do that better than anyone. Minimal Rhodes (insta-70's) , minimal horns (The Ox kept it simple but dazzling) even some of the dated synth stuff on It's Hard that I worship ultimately starts to sound undated once you read the lyrics.

And yet another smaller part of me loves how music retains memories, creating an instantaneous atavachron between (and within) the ears. And, even a smaller part of me, thinks many of these memories should be erotic.

If you become a devoted wife and a working mum who nonetheless retains a loyal niche following on the internet for a being a You Tube friendly boob-centric entertainer you (hopefully) start to question what 'aspects' of your past shaped the dualities. Hopefully you leave the answers to ambiguity. I'm sure I've made a few males hear The Who and think of me...and hopefully at least a select few turn the station!

It works both ways and one disc of The Stones (Beggars Banquet) is now semi (no pun intended) and sadly mostly unlistenable for this reason yet another one or two still sound really good. Don't get me wrong, if I deigned to put on the Stones before, "good" was not going to an issue, it was a given. And it is not that it takes me "back" it just makes me amused as to why I chose certain background tunes. And I do mean "semi" because despite Banquet I can still listen to much of it; good music outlasts most romances. Nick Lowe definitely makes some sexy stuff as well but I'd be too busy laughing at how critically acerbic and ironic it all was to put in a good performance-even if the performance entailed falling asleep! Nick Lowe sings about the romance gone awry while he's still in love-sometimes about your OWN break up on the way. Yet Steely Dan is ironic as hell and seems playable while playing. Not sure why though.

The music of the UK certainly charges up the romance, especially in London on a Saturday night and Sunday early hours. Tired of all the cack on the US charts? Then come to the UK or download all the non-American artists save for the all-girl bands and X factor (sorry Tweedy...) Coming of age in the East End during the 90's, my husband Kev listened to Ian Dury, Chas and Dave, Ska, tu-tone, Cypress Hill, NWA and loads of Hardcore, drum and bass and House. We were married a year ago and while celebrating he shared with memories of when rave culture all but ameliorated football hooliganism and the single techno pulse started the MDA fuelled beat surrender. We listen to everything.

Anyway here are few of those songs, all by The Stones. All still good:

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Blogger grace said...

Hi Amanda, those are good Stones tunes. I agree with you on your writing here about music past and present and that memories are involved when certain songs or albums are heard. Or come music is turned off because of certain memories ;).
It seems that nowadays 'anyone' can get a record contract by hearing what I hear on the current radio. Thank goodness for Satellite radio, and a good UK station there.

8:02 PM  
Blogger grace said...

I did not see Marilyn's photo yesterday. She was beautiful.

3:40 PM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Aye, Stones r still rollin , but in my opinion need badly to change part of da repertoire :Kinda embarrassin hearin a dude in his late 60´s crowin ´I can´t get no.´ No satisfaction , mate ? Try Viagra ...

P.S. re. Monroe pic:First thought da text on her sign read ´Beware of BANGERS ´! (;

D.S. Hi to Grace !
D.D.S. & to Big Boy Beebe !

7:47 AM  

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