Friday, June 11, 2010

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW (updated 16-6-2010)

As with entirety of my blog which is published on a US server, I believe the following to be true as covered and protected by constitutional rights as US born, US citizen.

Shayna Lynn Beevers is a former débutante and former VP of Alunimi Affairs for Tulane University in New Orleans. According to The Sun, Her father, Wiley J Beevers of Gretna, LA paid for her to go to South Africa to a private hunting reserve where African Lions bred in captivity are shot dead at point blank range for sport.

Rumour has it she's now claiming it was a "fair chase" hunt, whatever the hell that means. I personally would not trust the words of any First World person who would do such a disgustingly wasteful thing. Free or canned, faraway or close up, Shayna Beevers is the enemy and a destroyer of wildlife hiding beyond the gossamer veneer of an "ethical conservationist." Her vapid smile and her greasy hair pulled over to one side so neatly is an insult to the nobility of the Lion she so casually destroyed.

I could go on about how foul and without redeeming value Shayna Beevers is and how many big cats are simply raised and slaughtered for her ilk but why? When the above photo (and my post below) says it all? This is not hunting and eating what you kill nor is it hunting with a spear like the Kalahari do as a rite of passage (Kalahari Bushmen can only hunt alone, with a spear and only take healthy adult wild male lions), this is wasting a beautiful top predator. For what? The fact that such a grossly uneducated and devious example of human refuse like Shayna Beevers is now trying to cover her tracks just makes it even more reprehensible. At least the Lion died with dignity.

If this makes you as disgusted as I am take TWO MINUTES and send an email (ideally include the above photo) to:

To Charlotte B. Travieso
Director, Office of Alumni Affairs and Executive Director, Tulane Alumni Association

I have recently seen the photo of former Vice President of the Tulane Student Alumni Ambassadors, Miss Shayna Lynn Beevers participating proudly in a cruel hunting of an African Lion. Sources, including the Sun have intimated that hunt she was on was likely a canned hunt and that possibly the hunting facility is affiliated with canned hunters. I am aware that Alumni Affairs associates are supposed to have demonstrated that they are empowering their community and will be changing the nation and planet for the better. It is apparent that Miss Beevers is demonstrating that she has a paucity of values and integrity. I also notice also that one of the events Miss Beevers was involved with was a day at your local Audubon zoo which is inappropriate to say the least.

As you know canned hunting and actually ANY hunting of exotic cats in any form is banned and/or strictly regulated in much of the First World especially the United States. Canned hunting operations, also referred to as "shooting preserves" or "game ranches," are private trophy hunting facilities that offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals that are trapped within enclosures. Game preserves similar to the one that Miss Beevers patronized have Lions bred like cattle in extremely small enclosures who are shot dead after only four days upon release from captivity.

Regardless of Shayna's now very desperate and transparent attempts to clean her soiled reputation via rumoured claims that the lion that she killed was simply hunted "fairly", I'm asking that you demonstrate, without equivocation, that Tulane does not stand for destructive and cruel practices towards exotic animals (be they wild or captive) and that Miss Shayna Lynn Beevers aforementioned actions become public alumni record and any positive connection she has to Tulane University be negated by this information forthwith.


For your reference Beever Skank, since you were obviously not paying attention in High School.

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Blogger Jenn said... know I am a Tulane graduate? I made a few changes to your letter and am sending it off now... also putting up a blog post with link back to you.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Amanda and SuperAmanda™ said...

WOW!!! That is amazing! My number one cat person. Glad you made it to the Bay, though it seems like a nice state!

Thanks! I know there were typos, I appreciate it very much.

7:38 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

What can I say ...Am speechless , Amanda ...//What an unspeakably awful beaver woman !/ & da whole thing seems to get even sadder, when a woman acts dis way .For sum reason , I expect more empathy from women , dan from men ?// Horrid KKK scum !/ Good post , Amanda . Altho it damn nearly ruined my day ....//

PS: Had a letter from BigCatRescue da other day . / P.

9:56 AM  

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