Friday, July 15, 2011

Florida Suite By Delius and Women in Love

These two clips go great together. This won't be a spoiler if you have never seen Women In Love, easily considered by the mainstream, Ken Russell's masterpiece (for me this ties with Savage Messiah) and should (along with savage Messiah) be the first films any Ken Russell novice sees. I took one newbie friend to "The Music Lovers" followed by "The Devils" at The Castro but that was REALLY jumping in... and they loved it.

With so much bad news always coming from Florida one mustn't forget Big Cat Rescue and the millions of wonderful people in the sunshine state. When Delius was becoming something of a Trustrafarian high on Ibsen and art so his father sent him to America to manage an orange plantation in Florida. Delius ended up high on Negro spirituals and Black workers singing and never got in the mold. His time spent there was later recalled in his work, Florida Suite. Florida Suite is comprised of four movements: Daybreak, By the River, Sunset, and At Night. This video is "By The River." The Youtuber has accompanying photographs representing the people and places that made up the Old Florida that existed before the invention of Air Conditioning contributed to the population explosion that so changed the state.

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Kinda remember a flick wid da title ´The Fox´.Twas abt 2 lesbo women ( amazinly darin for da time !) I believe twas directed by Ken . Movie received gr8 critical acclaim. And NO ONE went to see it .Except me & 3 pals interested in cinematography ( frankly we were also interested in watchin sum hot dyke porn ( da movie was quite graphic , ha ha ) Have any idea what movie I´m talkin abt here, A ?Title ´The Fox´, or sumthin like dat . ´The Vixen ´,maybe? As I recall it , story inspired by D.H. Lawrence .Maybe ye could help me out here ?//All da best from Sweden .

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