Saturday, July 09, 2011

Ken Russell: Portrait of riding crop carrying cult leader?

This watercolour portrait of Ken Russell always used to intimidate me. It captures his spirit but does not really look like him. There were many Ken Russell books at the library and this was one of them back when I was about sixteen and mostly new to film criticism and director biographies. I did know of Ken albeit very little. Before I knew how sweet and wonderful he is I thought he was combination of a mean Erich Von Stroheim type film teacher, Matthias from Omega Man, the corrupt Quaker from Star Trek episode, "All Our Yesterdays"  and a cult leader. Ken has always seemed to have had his platinum white hair and wild clothing so he's never really aged. You have to admit this painting is a trip. I had not seen it since I was sixteen.

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Blogger grace said...

it is trippy, agreed, it doesn't look like the Ken Russell I have seen in the pictures you are posting.
That is Art at times. Capturing the "spirit" not necessarily the exact face/image

8:05 PM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Hiya , Mandy , sry for usin foul lingo in one of my latest posts. I shall try & better meself, promise ! // Hmmmm...Ken´lookin like a Swede troll here . Or like da Great White Wonder ? Correction : Da Great GRAY Wonder !Watch out , Mike Tyson ! !! (:

7:01 AM  

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