Friday, June 10, 2011

Unseen London Spring/Summer 2011

Hackney City Farm's Cafe Frizzante

Museum Gardens, Early April 2011, E2

Fancy remodel near Seabright Passage, E2

Hi, I have been very, very busy in E2 and thereabouts so I am actually taking a small holiday to BLOG. (Very 21st century I know...) To the dozens of women around the globe, here and on Listal, who are writing me weekly for workout advice on sculpting an hourglass figure, I am a few months behind on responses. Please refer to the "how to get an Hourglass Figure' article on this blog or scan the commnts on Listal. I'll be set up with Skype, paypal and You Tube to train and or consult with clients privately very soon.

In the past few months I've discovered places and areas of London rarely seen anywhere in the mainstream. My family and I watched the RAF flyover in London Fields on the joyous Royal Wedding Day and visited York. I've fallen in love with bespoke pin up dresses, Hoxton High Street, Hanover Square, Top Shop Concessions and I truly believe the world axis now hinges at Carole Vorderman's insanely perfect backside.

So here are but a few views of The Undiscovered" London:

"Food Glorious, Food" Installation at V&A Museum of Childhood. This section allowed you to sit in a 1950's style lounge and watch old foodie films on telly

Morning at Hanover Square, West End

Saying Ryan's Privates in Parliament, March 23rd 2011 The legendary International Magic Store, Clerkenwell, EC1
Royal Wedding Tribute, Pie and Mash Shop Broadway Market

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Blogger grace said...

Hi Amanda,

What a wonderful update. love the musing @glee, xfactor,katy etc. haha.

Oh these pictures make me miss the UK so much. They are lovely! Thank you for sharing them here.

Glad to read all is well in your world and your lovely family.


8:02 PM  
Blogger ginab said...

Thank you for the lovely looksee. You cracked me up about Katy Perry et al. And, hocus pocus, I had no idea there ever was an international magic shop.

1:54 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Phenomenally pretty pix , Amanda !If I were livin at Hanover Square it would be renamed ´Hungover Square´, tho ... ( :

Greetings from a phenomenally pretty & phenomenally RAINY Sweden .

P.S. I just saw dat BEEBE´s written a song for his MUM & posted it at YouTube !!! ? He calls it ´Apron Strings´ & his AKA as an artist seems to be CLIFF RICHARD ... WOW ! ?? ( :

3:39 PM  

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