Thursday, January 13, 2011

Number One With A Bullet: Sarah Palin is the new Madonna brought to you by the Democratic Party

"Don’t retreat, reload."
-Sarah Palin

"They bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun"
-President Barack Obabma

"Why is it when a bunch of non Black citizens get shot, the country loses it's fucking mind and asks "what happened?" Stop blaming Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for a the acts of a random nut case who has more issues than Time Magazine... I would have LOVED to have seen a smidgen of this faux concern for ALL of America's citizens ESPECIALLY when it happens on a daily basis in our inner cities"
-Music Chef

"I've never been treated more disrespectfully as a woman than by the Black men that I've dated."
(who's white husband Sean Penn hit her in the head with a baseball bat and beat her up numerous times)

Sorry folks.

Sarah Palin is what happens when Democrats go centre/upper middle class on lesser income progressive folks once known as the solid Left and the middle class. She is what happens when the Democrats forget that not everyone grew up deluded and privileged, spoon fed on Vachel Lindsay's racist Congo poems and the Kennedy mythos. Palin is what springs up like a Lerna Hydra's head when people watch their jobs moved overseas, terrorists given their "civil liberties" and big businesses bailed out yet again. The media plays the masses and Sarah Palin is a pop star with a five record deal laying down tracks in symbiosis. Don't blame the Tea Party oh my fellow Democrats-buy a mirror- preferably one made in China. We have a national tragedy that is shocking and heartbreaking. Shooting children and innocent people engaged in peaceful assembly is barbaric. And watching in horror whilst it is exploited by the media and countless public figures faster than a payola 80's relic going into Africa and buying babies, is an outgrowth of that abhorrence.

I condemn Sarah Palin's messages and her foul map with gun signs. She relishes the toying of gun owner symbolism to push buttons (Ted Nugent has been doing it for donkey's years) but wake the hell up-she's no threat if you know what a threat really is. The fact that this is lost on most liberals is sickening to me. As vitriolic political figures go, she's not even beginning to approach the worst or the most dangerous out there. The past NINE presidential administrations have been connected to terror and mass murder. And seriously? Why am I leaving Kennedy out? Because I grew up spoon fed on mythos too? Most likely. Let's keep going back to his occupation of Laos, Vietnam and his arms race. Talk about crosshairs! "JFK and NATO: A Love Affair."

Children and innocent people are shot everyday in the inner cities of the United States. 20 percent of Native-American newborns suffer from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. I'm an expatriate, living in England, a country where Anarchists, who are ostensibly Left, are just as violent and hateful as the Right (and even better funded) so I can assure you all violence is wrong and an assumed higher "threat count" on one side does not absolve the other.

So my Demo friends, you should be prepared! As someone who has followed, watched and considered myself more than a few rock stars, Sarah Palin will most likely be President someday soon if the Democrats don't start seeing other people. Reagan relic and gun happy NRA Barbie as she is, the Democrats can't turn anything out as well processed as Palin. And...


Symbiosis par 'what the fuckallance.'

When the media loves you (and they love very few as much as Palin) they allow you to spin negativity and hate into PR and PR into energy and ploughshares into Minutemen. Madonna has been their sacred cow since the mid 80's, being able to make the most foul moves and always be protected. Being indulged to the point where even selling hardcore porn to little children is considered "feminism." Nary an authentic backlash or an erasure via international media publishing. And now that Madonna has long since outlived her appeal to straight men and Palin will replace her but with a much greater global fame and a much more dramatic effect on woman and the media. I've watched Madonna act like a raunchy airhead, literally founding female slut culture as a mainstream Wal Mart style brand aimed at under tens; nasty, hateful and inarticulate. Simultaneously, courting and breeding a sensationalist media and then walking out onstage at The MTV Awards, following Princess Diana's death, to siphon the then unparalleled global grief, imploring: "We must stop the relentless and insatiable need for gossip and sensationalism!"

Palin won't have to work remotely that hard being manipulative because unlike Madonna, Palin knows what she is. Palin knows who she is and likes it. She's not trying to work out a psychological grudge fuck against the Catholics Church. Palin has cajones, skills and does not care what people think. Palin does not pay for sex. The myth about Madonna is that Madonna has all those things too but empirically speaking she has none. An exercise bulimic is never oblivious to approval from others. Palin is laser focused on success not approval from a sexist bunch of arm chair liberals on Huffington Post who'd save Tibet while paying their nanny slave wages and who think Paul Robeson was the 'man whom played Uncle Remus in Disney's "Song of The South."'

Fran Lebowitz said it once ( and I hated reading it), "one Clarence Thomas is not enough" to make a level playing field for blacks in the United States. This is true in a gender way with Sarah Palin, whacked as it that sounds. It will take a beloved right winger like Palin to allow a beloved female Leftist to emerge in the global media. The media has been stuck on Madonna as a symbol of "pro-Feminism" and yet she never delivered anything important. Never really broke any new ground like Sarah Palin is. Not for liberals, not for Gays and lesbians fighting for rights on Capitol Hill (Lady Gaga has done more in two years for her Gay fans than Madonna has in over 25) and certainly to women. Madonna left a huge steaming pile for women to clean up. She's a new age religious fanatic who will have spend more time 'roiding in a gym or sitting in a stylist chair than she'll ever spend with her children (or in bed) by the time she checks out. Not Palin.

Palin's strange teleprompter speech on January 12th 2011, was bizarrely the only well worded statement by any public official of the last few days because it was not pretending to be something "magical" and "healing." Palin's effect will open the door for more radical women-both left and right-to emerge on the political scene. She mentioned Christianity less than the President did at the memorial service later that same day. Palin made a slam dunk set up by a media who is both fascinated by and harassing her. Will I vote for her? Never. Do I like Reagan whom she worships and quotes? Hate his guts. Do I see how careful she is to play the spin? Sure but she's DOING IT and kicking ass with nearly everyone's help-be it purposefully or inadvertently-myself included.

The Democrats are simply not turning people on like she is.

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Blogger grace said...

I have yet to understand the attraction some people have for Sarah Palin, certainly no one I know supports her. So who are these Palin followers?! It's almost like she is a robot, being fed info into her brain to be a certain way.
Just plain weird.

Excellent post Amanda.

3:41 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Aye, in hundreds upon hundreds of vid clips we´ve heard Piggy Palin sharin her views on politics.Dey go like dis : ´Oink oink oink OINK .´ Well, Palin may be a jerk & a joke , but le´s remember now: Hitler was also a joke and a jerk , once .// So da U.S. political scene IS a bloody , muddy mess & not only da U.S. political scene , btw : All over da Western World it´s da same . Consider da facts :In France we have crypto fascist Sarkozy +Le pen´s Front National . In Italy we have friggin Berlusconi + Allessandra MUSSOLINI ( sic ! ) In Scandinavia we have ultra right wing parties ( often takin their members strait from da Nazi skinhead movements ) represented in parliaments in both Sweden , Norway & Denmark . & in Britain we have...Need I go on ? // Da whole of da Western World of today may be compared to da Roman Empire of yore. Tis rottin from widin :No morals , no standards , no convictions or true beliefs or even a desire for self preservation .& meanwhile, in da aisles da New Barbarians are waitin...Only DIS time dey won´t be comin from da North, but rather from widin . Any cause for alarm ? Hell YES !
´O tempora , o mores ! ´

12:33 PM  

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