Saturday, December 04, 2010

In the Costwolds before the cold snap


My husband and I spent last week in Gloucestershire on a long awaited second honeymoon. We literally boarded our train back home to London as the snow started falling. I thought I knew what cold weather was but oh no! So now I do. Very beautiful and very magical. This cold snap hitting the UK is like a scary movie but I can't say I wasn't warned (kind of lovin it actually)!!

Costwold Lane

Sadie at our B&B in Great Rissington

Bell Inn aka The Prancing Pony (also known as the Inn of the Prancing Pony) was an inn where Frodo Baggins first met the Ranger Strider. Tolkien based much of Fellowship on this part of the Cotwold's which you directly access through a train from Paddington that stops off in Oxford along the way.

Quarwood, the Victorian estate built in 1856 and owned by John Entwistle for 27 years. The Ox was my inspiration for first visiting the Costwolds over a decade ago on my second trip to the UK. My husband is wondering, between Stow and Richmond, how many other Who member inspired journeys we will be making. I've told him "many more!"

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Blogger grace said...

first off, I enjoyed your photos, the pooch is adorable.

What an amazing Estate John lived at. It's beautiful.

Oh yes, many more Who inspired trips to follow.....;)

Happy too, you guys had a good trip, on a train and snow falling? could that be any more romantic?


6:15 AM  

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