Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mahler Part Nine: Pork Sword Pas De Deux


"You had better convert to Catholicism quick Gustav or you'll never get laid in Poland..."

So here it is.  Easily one of the best sequences in any of Ken's films.


Here Ken Russell raises the bar (ouch) almost too high for any film-maker whom ever deigned to believe they were camp, surreal and irreverent. There are so many B-film directors I admire with great respect from the 60s and 70s (Herschell Gordon Lewis, Roger Corman ) yet placed in their shoes I'd be very envious of this scene. Here is someone making a crazy film with superb cinematography, natural settings, psychoanalysis and some of histories most magnificent music! No guest spot for Colonel Sanders or 78 Mcup Chesty Morgan boobs in Mahler.

Though not a B film-maker and limited to small budgets, the great soft-core auteur Russ Meyer, borrowed quite a bit from this film for UP! which was up until then his most sexually explicit film replete with naked sex crazed Nazis. Russ, having fought in WWII  HATED them. Henry Rowland the great Teutonic featured character actor who Russ Meyer often cast as the Nazi Martin Bormann, almost seems to have missed his calling here as Cosima Wagner's onscreen wife.

Here is the kosher version to watch as the sequencing on You Tube is cut. But of course


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Blogger grace said...

I think what I was trying to say in a previous comment was, he has a flair for the dramatic. The intense.

6:22 AM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Huh ...Convert to Catholicism ? !Well, chances are our sweet li´l ´Gustlein´ would have gotten laid , all rite . But by a BISHOP .

7:34 AM  

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