Monday, October 03, 2011

1001 things KEN!

(Tweakin and trippin: My new Ken Russell book did not arrive today. I am now free to leave my body with disappointment.)

Today I ran to the post to open what was to be Ken Russell Directing Film: Directors Art From Script to Cutting Room" by Ken Russell. Can you imagine that such a book ever even existed? Well it does! I had no idea until about a week ago and oh joy! It will be mine soon. Or so I thought. Instead I was sent "Evaluating Research in Health and Social Care" by Roger Gomm, Gill Needham and Anne Bullman. Hmmmm..... I'm not stranger to disappointments in the post. If you order a lot of things this way you get used to the occasional snafu and that often things just seem so much different when they arrive. I don't expect this same muck up with books though.

Perhaps my biggest most desired item to ever come by mail and be a grand let down was a booklet sold out of Archie Comics book back in the day, called "1001 Things Free". I believe today a facsimile exists called "1001 Things You Can Get For Free" but this was the classic old school name of what can only be described as the biggest con since Sea Monkeys. "1001 things free" was advertised alongside alum gum, joy buzzers and whoopee cushions so you think that might have given me just a bit of a clue! The ads usually featured a post box bursting with gifts and fancy packages or better yet simply a cornucopia brimming with free Kodak film, cosmetics, sunglasses etc etc! I was about seven and scrapped together the 3.75 needed and mailed it off (they always jacked up the shipping). It took an ETERNITY to arrive-at least two months-and then there it was. It turned out if you sent twice as much as you paid for the actual booklet you'd get some kind of film for a kind of camera few used any more (36mm?) and nearly everything else was either addresses to mail away for discount detergent vouchers or travel handouts!

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