Saturday, October 27, 2012

Who I Am related music

 LONG MONTH! Anyone else feeling it?

I'm reading through Pete's book a second time and working on a review. So far much of what I've read reviews wise, apart from Salon and bits of the Robert Christagau Sunday NY Times piece have not really turned me on at all nor have they done justice to this very fun book. Where is the collective sense of humour these days with the press?  Lighten up bitches!

Our son loves the pewter cover as he can unfold it and the entire book falls to the floor with a thud. How cool that it was taken by Terry "God" O'Neil too.  The nice thing for me is that I'm really playing The Who and Pete's solo stuff again. I vowed that when my son was born he would not be one of those kids branded and cajoled via what their parents likes and his music, myths and cartoons would be chosen by him alone. Yes, my husband chose "Strummer" as his middle name but it's been "Who Lite" in our lives for quite some time. He's listening and sometimes protesting but the music had got his attention. Will Pete and The Who over take Al Stewart in the nursery? Stay tuned!

Here are few non Pete/Who songs that have come to mind while reading the book:


Blogger grace said...

excellent songs.

I just ordered the audio of the book, work has been super crazy, and havent gotten through the whole book, this way I will be able to listen while driving. :).

Oh, the press has no sense of fun. ALl they like to do is tear people and things down. I hardly see them look at the positive side of anything.

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