Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hemi Charger

My second EP for Go-Kustom has dropped on Itunes. Once again, like Killing machine, this is soundtrack music for the film Hot Rod Girls Save The World. The song, Hemi Charger, is more of me talking petulantly than singing but it has it's sassy musical moments.

I thought of Tura Satana when d.a. Sebasstian first sent me the lyrics:

"Broken white lines
A town you'll never miss
And no one waved goodbye"

It definitely is being sung from the perspective of a woman on the move, not too worried about the past and moving forward 100%. I suggested we add Tura to the song because I love her, she's one in a million and always happy to give a fledgling some advice.

  • Hemi Charger Tura Satana Mix


    Blogger Kelsey Hale said...

    love seeing your natural hair again!!!!!!!!

    2:19 AM  

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