Thursday, November 06, 2008

My take on President elect Barack Obama

Just keeps playing in my head as I buy collectors issues of The Guardian and The Sun. Jeez, I even bought a copy of the Daily Star!


Blogger Ian McDowell said...

Are you a Page Three girl yet?

Not being a local, you probably wouldn't find the impromptu street party in my neighborhood that happened after McCain's concession speech to be as remarkable as I did (it's in my last blog entry), but it was pretty damn amazing. I never saw anything like it in any other college neighborhood in North Carolina, not even in the 70s.

I love and miss you, btw.

3:51 PM  
Blogger grace said...

Nice Amanda! I like the rejoicing. I was so emotional when I watched him walk on stage and accept his win, it still gets me. A change is on the horizon,I hope he and his family are kept safe and he can change things around. Nice to see you. Was wondering where you were. Any new videos or music? I hope you are well.


3:45 AM  
Blogger Hans said...

Congratulations to the USA!

6:14 AM  

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