Wednesday, January 28, 2009

F*ck Richard Corliss: Time and Low Life

What's sad is that if someone like say Jeremy Paxman had written a similar piece and made similar points it would have been so much better.

Ol' Man Charisma/PAUL ROBESON: 1898-1976 By RICHARD CORLISS :

"If Robeson rejected a homegrown system of oppression to embrace another (referring to the Soviet Union), more toxic one, that was his right. He should no more have been denied a passport then than he should be praised for stainless political acuity now."

"More toxic one?" Talk to someone in Iraq or Vietnam or World War II veteran Issac Woodard who had his eyes gouged out simply for being black. Hell, even someone on an Indian reservation but no, our American way of life 'worked' in the 1950's, it was 'the free world, the 'lesser evil' right Richard?"

"In one Promethean figure were packed the power, glamour, pathos and tragedy of black dreams and leftist myopia in the 20th century. "

Just such UTTER SHIT writing!F*cker can't review a film so I don't know why I'm surprised.

"Through three decades of Soviet tyranny (including the murder of one of his Russian-Jewish friends), he remained faithful to the U.S.S.R. And here his charm failed him. He could sell sand to Saharans, but he couldn't peddle Stalin to America."

Robeson never 'peddled anything' and Richard Corliss is a lying sack of sh*t. To paraphrase Pete: Robeson went INTO the darkness, you don't just shove it up your nose and get into a limo."

Richard Corliss is just horrendous a great example of how right wing journalism is actually most mainstream journalism in the states. Still, like Ann akaMann Coulter they can only just annoy you and not much else because in reality they are just too historically-and culturally- inept to be any real threat. Why do I even care?!!!

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Wooo , Mandy , bravoooo ! Go get em , gal, wid yer fine , effective writing & controlled pathos ! Dat´s da way to stick it to em , yes . Da capo , pliiz ! //
P.S. hahaha : David Dickhead Duke Corliss , yay ! !!

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