Friday, February 20, 2009


I love you BOOBPEDIA. You're not the Harvard Review or a degree from Cambridge but it's what I dooby dooby do and I'm chuffed to be featured and interviewed.

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    Blogger par.nordstrom said...

    Hi , beaut !

    WOW , I fancy da boobpedia article abt ye . Am still intrigued to hear , dat ye were late in developin yer luscious shape(s) , ye bein of Italian stock & all... / Meself , bein a man & basically of Scandinavian heritage, was well into puberty when I was 11 years old... But , oh , well...// Luv da pix of yer sweet self posted here , but would want to disencourage ye from EVVA engagin in porn !! Not dat I´m moralist , but seriously , porn would damage yer ´trademark ´, luv , and damage it FOREVVA. //( Remember what I told ye abt Lena Nyman ( wid several Bergman movies ´behind her belt ´) Lena did but a few coupla nudie sets in da early seventies ( French mags `Lui ´ & ´Oui ´) but these pix kept on ´floatin up ´all thru her career & almost wrecked it ... Stop & reconsider , hon . Ye may , in a short perspective , earn coupla grands , but in da long run ...// Besides, yer much too clevva to do it ! Intelligent women r SEEEEXY !

    All da best ,

    3:50 PM  
    Blogger grace said...

    U are wild my friend! that's why I luv ya!! xo

    6:12 AM  

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