Monday, July 18, 2011

Anyone else remember Father Russell ?

(I guess you could say NSFW but actually it really is very tame. Still, the mood and theme would most likely offend your curious tattle tail workmate frenemies far more than actual porn would)

Fenby has had to navigate through his new part within the script of Delius's life and he's trying to get back to "Catholic base camp." Watch Gables' Fenby carefully. He comes into the Cathedral like he's co-owner. He's been so patient with the angry blind atheist genius yet he's back where he belongs, albeit for only a few moments. For the life of me I can't figure out if Ken is speaking Latin, talking dirty or simply making indecipherable sounds on purpose while he's "on the job" as they say in the East End. The sound quality is sharp and recalls listening through a wall and wondering what is going. Is that two people having sex or just talking? Both? Neither?

Like the evil Circe woman earlier in the forest, Ken's fancy woman is mysterious with a mean edge (she did just get pre-empted after all). She dashes off, her wooden heels echoing. At 00:40 Ken Russell rises from the floor, business as usual, and we see evidence of his late but dedicated Ballet training. His priestly bearing is actually that of an older, mirror image of Fenby's posture and attitude. Fenby doesn't flinch but he's simmering with cross resignation. Nowhere in Delius's bohemian forest is really safe for a Catholic boy from Yorkshire but he goes through the motions.

Fenby has to keep it bottled, he signed on after all.

I found this last night and feel it goes with this post despite being unrelated to Ken's work. "Don't Pinch Me Padre" written by Joe Fitz this song uses photo images to look back at a time of innocence and the effect of the Vatican child abuse sex crimes on his song writing.

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Blogger Sanchoman247 said...

Thank you again Amanda for another wonderful blog. "I love your stuff, in MoRE ways then one." *WiNK* lol. I'd always been a Fan of yours! We are friends at MySpace and I also follow you here on Twitter. I Love you so much that I even posted a few pics and a video of you on my MySpace page & My Boomer Place page. "Would you like to have a look?" oH Yeah... Loved the "Don't Pinche Me Parde song!" Lol.

4:29 PM  
Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Well...tis no mere coincidence dat ´bishop´ now has becum a synonym for ´gay pedo´ . Alas,how da once virtuous Vatican has fallen : ´Sic perit gloria mundi ! ´/ Tis high time da Catholic church finally had da courage to cry out : ´Mea culpa ! Culpa mea MAXIMA ! ´ And while dey´re at it , dey may as well sack da Nazi Poop in da Vatican ...

6:56 AM  

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