Friday, July 22, 2011

Delius will never win the loving husband award: Art and gender differences

Wow. Talk about your rude starter husband! Delius gives unsolicited advice and unabashed humiliating treatment to his loving and devoted wife who is pushing his ungrateful carcass about. It is as if she's not even there but he knows she is!

Sadly many artists CAN'T be in relationship-much less a marriage. They are simply too narcissistic, too moody and too busy to be decent partners. There are more great male artists when one looks at history as a whole primarily because men won't put up with being mistreated BY an artist. Whereas many women, once they have children, have no real choice if they expect some kind of family structure. Men are not able to have children so they can be free. Also many woman choose to follow artistic men around, be there shadow, blog about them everyday etc It is rather fun!

I respect many a crazy artist- be they camp director (Russ Meyer), rock (David Lee Roth) or A-List actor (George Clooney) who does not have any children. That shows serious self reflection.

Ken Russell has eight children, six boys and two girls and in his auto-biography he admitted his failings. He can't have been all bad as they've all added him on Facebook.

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

True,all true ! An artist is always married to his/her art in first place ( if he/she really IS an artist ) Sooo. an artist finds it hard to live widin a marriage . Damned thing is : he/she can´t live WIDOUT it either ...bein rather sensitive & also verry ´weak in society´, an artist will always need someone breedin next to him/her in bed : Ingmar Bergman : Married six times . Or was it seven ? Norman Mailer seven times . Or was it 8 ?Ernest Hemingway ... etc. , etc. , etc. .../ Sooo ... we do NEED each other ..,.& I find dat a purdy pretty thought ...

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