Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday 200th to Franz Liszt

Look at the charts today and ask who will be remembered in 200 years and so lauded as heartbreaking genius of staggering creativity and justified pomposity? This Liszt composition, Dream of Love with lyrics created by Rick Wakeman for the Ken-tacular "Lisztomania" is special to me because I originally heard it in a 1970s documentary on Paul Robeson called "The Tallest Tree in Our Forest". That's the music used for shots of Paul Robeson and Eslanda's courtship as well as for an episode of "Tales of the Unexpected" called "Edward The Conquer". A husband and wife adopt a stray cat. The cat Edward, responds to the woman's piano playing to the degree that she becomes convinced that it is the reincarnation of composer Franz Liszt. The woman bonds with the cat much to her husband's jealousy!

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Well now, ain´t dat exactly my experience too : Pussies sure can be jealousy inducin ! (:

12:30 PM  

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