Friday, September 09, 2005

Beyond The Valley of the Rock Stars



Blogger SuperAmanda said...

This may not make much sense to you unless 1.You have extensive knowledge of Rock Roll trivia/history AND 2. You have seen Russ Meyer's Beyond The Valley of The Dolls. if you have both of these bodies of knowledge lodged in youir brain this will be VERY funny!
The below was inspired by Pete Townshend and his girlfriend pianist Rachel Fuller both having blogs up and we've all been having a rockin good time chilling online with our favorite performers...long live the 'universal grid!'

"The act of blogging has caused another life to be reborn. Together, we share the wonder of human existence, and let there be no doubt that all of us are brothers and sisters. There can be no beginning or ending that does not in some way touch another, for our actions affect the lives and destinies of the many.

Birdman: he forgot that life has many levels, and by choosing to live on only one, lost sight of reality.

Mick: women were toys for his amusement. His total disregard for their feelings made love a stranger to him.

Shel Talmy: he never gave of himself. those who only take must be prepared to pay the highest price of all.

Andrew Oldham used his profession to mask selfish interests, to betray the trust that should have been sacred.

Keith Richards: perhaps too pure. excessive goodness can often blind us to the human failings of those less perfect.

The Ox found that something as precious as love brings with it a demand for greater understanding.

Watts and Wyman: light and shadow. Their's was not an evil relationship, but evil did come because of it.

Brian Jones: an end to Martin Bormann?

Roger: he forgot that yesterday is only for remembering. those who choose to live there lose sight of tomorrow.

Kenny's mistake? a fleeting thing born of emotion, yet it almost ruined the lives of three others.

Moonie's body: a cage for an animal. it lifted him to the top of his field, but in the end, the beast almost killed him.

and Woodie? his selfish involvement, so ready to turn her back on the Faces of friendship. the road back is painful -- by his pain, he will never again forget.

You must each decide what your life will be. You must always know that a hand extended to your fellow classic rock star is a gesture of love -- love that asks nothing, expects nothing, it is simply there. And if love is in you, then gentle will be all your steps as you walk beyond this valley of the rock stars."

6:57 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Damn, you got one over on me, girl. Now I have to read (or watch) Valley of the Dolls. Thanks for the motivation, Amanda. It's a classic, or so they tell me, that's long overdue.

Your post is very creative; I enjoyed it.

Oh, and about that PT wrestling-with-identity thing. Coincidence that you like to photograph yourself below the neck? Got to . . . Face [your] Face.

9:57 PM  
Blogger BGH said...

Hilarious! Though I might have cast Brian Epstein as Z-Man... Hee hee hee

10:15 PM  

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