Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Hero for All Time-A MUST LISTEN!


Stop stalking me Pickipedia editors who know nothing to very little about Paul Robeson. Go back to writing your articles about straight to video movies featuring Jessica Simpson and the Liberal Party of Canada. Set me free little geek girls/boys.

I did this, which I think was a very good usage of my time (nearly 100 hours to be precise)
  • Paul Robeson

  • The article was in such sad shape and was missing massive and crucially important periods of his life. Huge editing wars had gone down with freaks blaming Robeson for every possible thing a white supremacist right winger with no life can come up with.

    Paul Robeson most famous and unjustly persecuted American of the 20th century erased by a racist US government and now they can't do sh*t about it because we have the internet. Sometimes Robeson reminds me of Pete T, sometimes he seems like a myth and other times I feel shocked that he actually was once on this planet at all. Best of all, after an long period of not being as focused on his legacy as I was from 1997 until 2001, I have come back to it with a completely different take. The 11 years since the Robeson Centennial has seen huge changes in how society interrelates and buys (or does not buy) into the media's brain washing.

    Even as recently as the late 90's the Cold War still cast this specter of stupidity and "USA all the way, greatest generation" mythos, but now Communism did not turn out to be "the enemy' did it? Marxism did not cause 9/11, 7/7, the Oklahoma City bombing, school shootings or the ruined economy which is killing people with stress. The enemy turned out to be white supremacy, greed for oil, materialism and laissez faire Capitalism, oh and Mankdonna too because she's such an untalented piece of vapid photo-shopped trash.
    Other pages I unearthed or created:

  • Paul Robeson Filmography

  • Paul Robeson and the Soviet Union

  • Peekskill Riots

  • Paul Robeson: Labor's Forgotten Champion

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    Blogger par.nordstrom said...

    Am sad to see dat yer bein stalked by Wikipedia ´editors ´!´Editors ´ are a nuisance ,just generally, but YouTube & Wikipedia ´editors ´ are a veritable PEST . Dudes wid absolutely no creativity of their own & lackin da least trace of erudition. Pimps who couldn´t make it out on da street become ´editors ´ .Pity their poor parents didn´t use condoms ...Nuff said !// Ye did a grand job on da Robeson article , luv . Let´s just pray , dat dem ´editors´ won´t massacre yer text completely . I´ve already read it , tho , and so have thousands of other people . It´s da Internet age & da truth´s unstoppable.// Now , let´s go get sum editor ass kickin done !
    All da best ,
    -Kickass Pete

    6:30 AM  

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