Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rejoice in Ken Russell while we miss him

For those who want to pay their respects, you can visit Ken Russell's public Facebook page and leave a note. Many of us have been posting photos and sharing memories there. The best obituary so far, by a country mile can be found here at Indiewire, written by Ken's friend, Shade Rupe.

My beliefs entail that one stays as positive and happy about the dearly departed in the first days and weeks. I am of course very disappointed in the BBC (which both my husband I pay for yearly) and their bizarre behaviour in thus far lining NONE of Ken's work up for scheduled programming. Their attempt at a proper obituary was nothing sort of embarrassing.  The Times of London also ran two thinly veiled hatchet pieces. Rubbish when The Sun and The Daily Mail actually come out looking better than the "top shelf" (whatever that means...) papers. Had there been no internet, as with Paul Robeson, I sadly belive that the mainstream media would have also erased Ken if they could.

Well too bad because now we have the web and great artists will never be obliterated again!!!

Look at those who have lionized Ken and paid tribute: Pete Townshend,  Ann Margret, Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson, Michael Winner, Martin Scorcese, Lord Melvyn Bragg, Roger Daltrey, Twiggy and Ben Kingsley to name a few. Particularly wonderful has been the many technicians, extras and writers who Ken worked with throughout his career who of their won volition are pausing to leave their sentiments and pay their respects on message boards and threads. Even those who took his Walthamstow Tech photography class before he was employed in the industry have paused to toast the man.

Ken Russell's death  is the passing of a major and important artist who's influence is inexcusably unacknowledged and underrated.

More rejoicing to come!!

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

Dim da lites :It´s Requiem for a Heavyweight, remember...Then bring lotta brew & snax + a good ole rock´n´roll band for da wake ! !!

P.S. BBC= Borin Bubonic Cockheads .

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