Monday, November 07, 2011

Tommy 4: Delivery Room Glee

There are no discernible dioramas in this scene but then I'd be hard pressed to find one in a medical environment even in an entire episode of Scrubs set to "Waiting For Godot". Hospitals are places that I thankfully thus far have spent little time in and I see them as sterile transition points or film sets for asylums. But Ken's Victory Day NHS has much going for it.

After the showgirls we have two lovely twin nurses and a "Father knows best/ every man doctor". As wasted teens, when the doctor would start to sing "a son" we'd all piss ourselves laughing. What a beautiful and realistic newborn Tommy is!

There certainly is a enough giggle and knock out gas to alter ones mood here.

(The heartbreaking dissolve into Captain Walker crashing with Ann-Margret and new born Tommy will be looked at independently at a latter post.)

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Blogger par.nordstrom said...

re. hospitals : I once worked in one for TWO YERS. But wasn´t mentally present one single day. So only thing I know abt hospiddles ,I learnt from watchin ´One flew over the cuckoo´s nest´ a dozen times .Now am much more hip to da subject, tho , after havin watched ´Tommy clip ´. (:
P.S. Huggies for Ann-Margret ( our Sweet Swede pink purdy princess)& for yerself . & for newborn TOMMY !

12:42 PM  

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